Interview essays as home assignments are not as common as other types of papers, such as research papers, reviews, lab reports, etc. Nevertheless, it does not mean that student can do without knowing how to create an interview essay. First of all, knowing how to properly formulate and ask questions is simply a useful skill. Second, this essay type can be useful in many professions. However, if you have never written an interview essay before and are looking for expert advice, do not hesitate to ask for assistance of academic interview essay writers.

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Interview Essay Definition

Before you learn how to write an interview essay, you have to properly define it. An interview paper is basically a report on a conversation you had with some person. In short, the paper should summarize the interviewee’s perspective on a particular topic. Apart from describing the conversation, you can reflect on the significance of the interview, the impression that the interviewee made on you, etc. Typically, an interview essay is just a part of an assignment because students are also requested to submit research papers on the same topic. In this case, the interview can be regarded as a primary source since the information on the topic comes from a person with the first-hand experience.

Interviews are an excellent way to get deeper into the topic you are interested in. Professors requirements vary: some ask to simply summarize the interview after it is over, others request additional information. This type of work is particularly important for students who want to become journalists or writers, although the skills can be applied in virtually every sphere.

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Rough Guide to Writing an Interview Essay

If this type of papers is completely new to you, the following guide will be useful:

  1. Think about the purpose of the interview. What is the topic you are exploring? Are you interested in the best leadership practices, cinematographic techniques, recent scientific discoveries, or are you trying to delve deeper into the cultural and historical context of the previous generation? After you decide on the purpose of the interview, it will be easier to choose the most suitable interview type.
  2. Do some research. Of course, you do not have to waste your time on this if you are using an online interview writing service. During interview essay writing, try to include the most recent and relevant information. Use different sources and media channels to conduct research. It is better to avoid publications on unreliable websites.
  3. Depending on the interview essay assignment specifics, find a person knowledgeable about your topic. Sometimes interviewing only one person might not be enough, in which case, be sure to plan your time in advance.
  4. After you have completed all preparations, create questions for the interview. You can start by including some typical questions most interviewers ask, but adapt them to the sphere of your interest. After that, create more specific questions. At this point, it is important to rank the questions form the least to the most important, otherwise, you might forget to ask something important during the interview. However, be sure to start the interview with an interesting question to create the appropriate mood. At the same time, the question should not be a cliché – you want to show the interviewee that you are not going to waste his/her time. Approach the first question as you would approach the opening statement of your essay.

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