Case Study: Your Home Is a Good Place Inc.

This paper seeks to provide an analysis on Bill Norwalk’s motive to play an integrating role between clients (home owners) and contractors that will see home owners have their homes improved according to their requirements. It also puts down an explicit competitive advantage that Norwalk’s business Your Home is a Good Place (YHGP) has over other business that are aimed at providing the same services to the aspiring customers.

SWOT Analysis


Norwalk’s ability to construct a well identified plan has determined business success. In fact, his ability to come into senses that he can assist homeowners, contractors, suppliers, architectures, designers, and laborers depicts his good organizational capability that is vital in any business setting. YHGP’s ability to work with a wide range of participants is a great strength that will make great heights. The business has a certain capability to win the trust of creditors, banks, radio station, in all its marketing endeavors. This has ensured that it will be in a position to receive constant loans and credits from banks and creditors to enable it go on with its activities while avoiding obstacles that can be caused by financial constraints (Coulson & Swanson, 2009).  The ability to work with radio stations is a good indication that it has access to marketing channels that are relevant to promote his services. Through advertising on the radio station, it will be ensured that its activities all known over a wide region and to a vast population.

In addition, the location of YHGP’s consulting office where clients are supposed to seek for the services provides it with significant advantages. This is especially when it is well known that the offices are found in regions with individuals who have high chances of demanding for renovation of their homes considering that individuals from this region thrive from medium and high income households. Such households include Mishawaka, Indiana, and in the middle of the Michiana area. Additionally, this area comprises of a vast population amounting to about 856,000 residents (Coulson & Swanson, 2009). The area comprises one of the best infrastructures defined by roads that are in good conditions and sufficient water and electricity supply. Norwalk is also a graduate in Business. With the possession, it is possible for him to carry out his business ventures comfortably while relying on relevant sources of advises. This will not only save the business a lot of money that was meant to pay business consultants, but also will be vital in ensuring that all the workforce in the business receive constant tips about business.

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Norwalk’s decision to target only high income customers is not a well informed move. He has made it clear that he targets individuals who are private workers and whose income is above $100,000 (Coulson & Swanson, 2009). This is not a bad decision but he should not limit other aspiring individuals who might be having lesser amount than what he targets. His argument about this decision is that they are likely to pay on time and thus, create good cash flow. However, as a business expert, he should find another alternative in order to accommodate all classes of people on grounds that are willing to pay within a particular span of time. Moreover, Norwalk’s decision to primarily target only women is also an ill informed move. He should know that women are not the only probable customers. There are also other aspiring men who would want to see their homes renovated. Therefore, he should not rely too much on women and forget about men. It is vital that he lays a service platform that will accommodate all classes of people as well as all genders without paying much attention on whether they are men or women.

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Basing the argument from the previous discussions, there are indeed a lot of opportunities in Norwalk’s business strategy. First, there are indeed great chances of the business having a lot of customers if Norwalk will consider elevating service offices in other locations rather than a few that he already holds. He can target other regions that he thinks have high potential for the business and especially, those regions where competitors have not yet considered establishing their offices. He can take advantage of his good relationship with radio personalities to broadcast the existence of house improvement services in the region. However, in the pursuit to do so, he must ensure that he pays attention to the general population that stays there..

Also, it will be important if he will not primarily focus on women, but also men. Both genders should be his overall target considering that everyone can be in need of house improvement services. Additionally, there are a lot of opportunities from low income classes who are willing to renovate their house but are denied the opportunity simply because their income levels are below $100,000 (Coulson & Swanson, 2009). Therefore, it is upon Norwalk to generate a way of accommodating them rather than keeping way from the company. There are a lot of aspiring contractors and suppliers who are willing to strike a deal with him about home renovations. He should, therefore, go for those parties that he feels will give him the highest advantage in terms of profit.

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There are probable threats in the bid to conduct the business venture. Most likely, in terms of the targeted customers, Norwalk’s decision to have only high income customers may fail since not quite a lot of people are found within this income bracket. Secondly, he may get into deal with very unreliable suppliers who might not supply equipment on time hence inconveniencing the construction process. This may, in turn, create a bad reputation upon his business making aspiring customers to lose trust about his services. In connection with that, contractors may be uncooperative or rather unskillful hence producing poor quality work that is not appealing to clients. It was evident from the case study that Norwalk is worried about his unskilled workforce that in some instances has failed to perform as per their requirements. This has undermined Norwalk expectations, and this may impact to poor achievements later in the future.

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