Delightful Evening by the River

Light transparent twilight is lazily coming down upon the river embankment, fusing with the warm summer air. The small ripples mirror the silver evening sky, giving the whole stream a romantic misty hue. Occasionally, the ear catches the delightful sounds of a  restaurant music and a slightly husky soothing voice of the singer, who entertains a relaxing public. People are bustling cheerfully around the place, chattering, telling each other amusing stories, giggling, and playing with joyful children. Seniors sit peacefully on the wooden benches and either calmly watch boisterous young people, from time to time passing by, or look closely into the evening sky in attempt to predict the weather for the next day. All this excitement, music, and jolly crackling of the little boy’s scooter give the feeling of general holiday and involuntary cheer you up. Warm damp air fills your chest and gives your soul calmness and consolation after a bright and sunny summer day. And even bushy pretty fir trees seem to enjoy the gentle evening freshness.

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Beauty Hidden under the Bustle

As usual in the evening, after an exhausting and hot summer day, the popular resting place on the river embankment is filled with clamorous people. It became even busier and noisier after a new restaurant has been recently opened here. Loud annoying children are running around, occasionally lectured by grumping seniors. Young people are passing by in small groups, roaring with laughter. The constant dog’s barking is coming from afar. To crown it all, loud restaurant music is rattling, from time to time distressfully interrupted by the songs from another café in the distance. A rasping singer’s voice, who performs boring monotonous songs, grates upon the ears. You wish you could close your eyes and enjoy caressing enveloping warmth of the last summer days, but each time you try to sink into a sweet drowsiness, the disturbing rumbling of the little boy’s scooter drags you out from your sleep. The place, which due to its beautiful natural surroundings, is meant to give the soul peace and relaxation, at that moment evokes a sole desire to search for another cozier and quieter spot.

Rhetorical Analysis

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I chose one of the popular places on the river embankment for description as it provides a great opportunity to point out many positive, as well as negative moments. I had a possibility to record my first impression, than to closely observe the place and pay attention to every small detail around. All those details people usually take for granted, although they often influence their mood and the way they feel. This location is one of those peaceful places with charming nature and relaxing atmosphere, but commercialized, transformed into a source of income. A beautiful nature of this place seems disturbed by the people’s touch. The impressions you get here are quite controversial – a beautiful enjoyable nature, on the one hand, and the irritating bustle that interferes with the attempt to fully enjoy this place, on the other hand.

I began my first description by the statement which pre-determines the general positive mood of the paragraph, in order to plunge a reader into a pleasant relaxing atmosphere of the place. I wanted the reader to feel wrapped with gentle warmness of a summer evening at once. That’s why I used such phrases as “light transparent twilight” and “warm summer air”. In my negative paragraph, I wanted to draw the reader’s attention to the main problem of the place – loud “clamorous” crowds of people. The first sentence was intended to start building up a quite disturbing picture. Moreover, I used the phrase “an exhausting and hot summer day” to deepen the general negative impression.

After setting out the general mood of the description, I tried to choose the word string very deliberately. In the first description, the words are supposed to bring up the positive feelings. I wanted a reader to feel deeply cheerfulness and joy, which were filling the place. Here, I wanted to make everything feel harmonious, to synchronize the beauty of the nature with the people’s liveliness and to create a general jolly mood. The words as “silver evening sky”, “a romantic misty hue” and “warm damp air” were used to emphasize the nature’s beauty. In negative description, the nature passed into the background; it could hardly be enjoyed when you were constantly distracted by the bustling of people around. Describing the situation as a “general holiday” in the first paragraph was meant to accentuate the pleasant feeling of belonging. In the second picture, I tried to evoke the feeling of detachment from the people’s gathering, like from an irritant (“loud annoying children”,” young people…roaring with laughter”,” the constant dog’s barking” etc). In this case, I referred to the sentence structure and used several short sentences to stress the accumulation of inner uneasiness because of what was going on around. 

In conclusion of each paragraph I wanted to emphasize positive and negative feelings even more. In order to do that, in the first case I applied a metaphor to show that even  “fir trees seem to enjoy gentle evening freshness” and, thus, to emphasize the harmony that reigned around. The negative description ends with the expression of a rather logical desire under such circumstances – “a sole desire to search for another cozier and quieter spot”.

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It was a very engaging assignment, as it made me pay attention to every slight detail around. During the initial observation I decided that I would contrast two pictures depending on the mood of the viewer and their subjective idea about the perfect resting place. Due to this assignment I understood that by describing a certain place or event, emphasizing certain details in it, we influence the opinion formation of those, who have never witnessed it. This way it becomes possible to affect people’s opinion on certain aspects. In such a way, the minds of a whole society are being affected by mass media. In different countries the same event can be reported from completely different points of view, causing completely different emotions and attitudes in societies.

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