Diversity Case Study: Student Participation

The main purpose of the paper is to research and analyze the case study that is connected with student participation. It is of great importance to the contemporary pedagogy as it is focused on the role and responsibility of the tutor within the classroom and the relationship that has to be built during the studying process. The mentioned issues are vital for the effective perception of the material and the establishment of the strong connection between the student and the teacher. The special importance of the latter is also supported by the diversity that exists within the audience and the students’ specifications that can affect their participation in the studying process. Undoubtedly, it is extremely significant to elaborate the effective decision that will give the possibility of successful learning to each student. That is why this case study is especially important to analyze in order to get a deeper understanding of the contemporary efficient pedagogy.

Equitable Grading Issues

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There are three main points to be discussed in the paper. The first question deals with the equitable grading issues. Within Mr. Jones’ classroom, there is a variety of different students. Each of them needs to be addressed properly with the specific considerations. The current case demonstrates that there are three students that are distinct from the rest concerning the participation in class. Thus, all of them need to be considered with special attention.

The first student has a pronounced stutter. Consequently, he requires a particular treatment on behalf of the teacher. First of all, it should be stated that it is extremely important for the instructor to make sure that all students speak and listen as it is one of the main points of conducting a real conversation (Whyte, 2009). Obviously, it is much easier for the student with stutter to talk and properly represent his thoughts when he is not interrupted, and there is a listener’s attention (Wormeli, 2006). In addition, it is vital for the teacher not to speak for the student or help him finish the sentence. It is necessary to make this student participate and expect from him the same quantity of work as from all the other ones.

The same policy of equality has to be applied to the shy student and the one from Bolivia. It is important to talk to them in an unhurried manner with pauses. Moreover, such students require to be listened to without any differences from the rest of the class (Wormeli, 2006). Foreign students also have problems with speaking as their language skills are imperfect that provokes lack of confidence. One should talk to them slowly and clearly to encourage their participation in interesting discussions concerning specific themes (Ryan, 2011).

The extremely shy student can be encouraged to participate in a conversation when he is not interrupted and feels that the audience is listening attentively to what he is saying (B. Markway & G. Markway, 2014). In such cases, it is essential to make him feel more familiar with and, therefore, more comfortable in the class. To reach this, it will be perfect to involve him into group projects. That will help the student to get used to the other ones and, as a result, feel more confident. It is important to help students understand that all people are unique in some way, and it is necessary to recognize this uniqueness. It will assist all learners in participating in the class and feeling comfortable when presenting their points of view.

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Diversity in the Classroom

The other point to be addressed within the analysis is the diversity in the classroom. During the studying process, there is a series of different specific factors that Mr. Jones has to address in order to be able to meet the diverse needs of the various students.

First of all, it is important to create comfortable atmosphere in the classroom. International students may sometimes have a real academic, culture and language shock when they start studying in another country. That is why it is vital to enable them to feel comfortable in the new learning system. It will be extremely useful to broaden the curriculum to give it far more global perspective. This requires the content review and extension of some topics. Furthermore, it is important to learn the correct pronunciation of the foreign student’s name and to provide the latter with the opportunities to get to know the rest of the class and vice versa. Moreover, one should be open-minded and ready for a communication. This will encourage students’ participation and create a trustworthy and comfortable atmosphere in the class. The difference factor plays a special role for the representatives of the other cultures; thus, it is extremely important for Mr. Jones to be open to other nations, traditions and languages as in the case with the student from Bolivia.

Shy students require special encouragement. It will be suitable to place him/her in front of the class to make them closer to the teacher and lower their awareness of the rest of the learners. It is also important for the tutor to build trustworthy relations with such a student. This will help the latter to find contact with the classmates and feel more comfortable during the lessons. The relationship is the decisive factor in such a situation.

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Finally, the student with the stutter has the specific barrier that is also connected with the class participation (Whyte, 2009). In this situation, the factor of speaking and listening plays the crucial role. It is important to give such a learner a possibility to formulate his/her opinion independently and listen to him attentively with no interruptions. Such factor as the other students is important as well. They have to be respectful to all of their classmates and listen carefully to their answers and opinions.

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