Question 1

Over the years, many scholars have advocated for meso level of analysis as the most relevant from a leadership perspective. The meso level of leadership is a bridge between micro and macro levels of analysis. The meso model of leadership examines two levels of analysis. The first level involves individual or group (micro-level) behaviors, while the second level involves organizational processes (macro-level).

Micro-level leadership (leader-follower) is incomplete without considering the macro-level organizational context (organizational structure), wherein the micro-level processes occur. Likewise, macro-level organizational structure is incomplete without considering the micro-level leadership, since the micro-level processes contribute to macro-level processes. The meso perspective looks into the cross-level, organizational, group and individual-level processes.

Question 2

The most applicable aspect of the leader-follower-situation model is the “relationship behaviors”. The “relationship behaviors” is the amount of time a leader effectively spends on communication with his or her followers. The relationship behaviors include listening, clarifying and encouraging. In the leader-follower-situation model, a leader is more likely to see followers increase in their level of readiness by implementing the above mentioned relationship behaviors.

Question 3

The leaders should understand that their identity influences the capability to communicate to their followers. A leader needs to address his communication challenges so as to address the communication challenges within the organization. Effective communication within an organization positively affects the organization’s performance and enhances unity.  According to Collins (2005), there is a direct relationship between the authenticity, quality of dialogue within a company, and sustainability of high performance. A leader should create an environment within the organization that enhances truthfulness, dissent and candor as characteristics of effective communication with his/her followers.



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