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The world today has become that of uncertainty and turmoil; a perception that has made a family to become one of the most important units and priority as well as the threshold of our lives. Many have defined family as a social unit, where individuals live together as a husband, wife, and their children. I have come to realize that a family is not only a unit, where we socialize, but also a very essential part of our lives.

Thesis Statement

It is only the family that can provide complete and unconditional support regardless of our faults and weaknesses in this cruel and individualistic world, where people care only about themselves. Family is the unit whereby you can provide and share with those who matter most to you. 

Background Literature

I have recently held a heated debate with my colleague about the current trends in our society and their effect on the family unit. To start us off, we noticed how a family, which was seated not far from our table, was struggling to encourage their youngest son to eat up his bowl of beans. We assumed that probably this was the first time the child had been introduced to nutritious meal alongside other issues.


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Integration of Dialogue

JANE: I cannot help but noticed how the young boy is struggling to eat his meal. (She speaks with too much concern)

ME: That reminds me of the first time Alice and I introduced natural foods and replaced the loads of junk stacked up in our refrigerator. Juliet threw tantrums for about three days and had refused to take in any food. Alice and I almost gave in but we decided to keep it very clear that junk food was no longer a priority.

JANE: These children always have that face (she giggles).

ME: It is high time families establish and uphold traditional values and standards. The society today is to blame for the normlessness. Families no longer practice their ancestral values and practices. People are busy working and this has led to parents interacting minimally with their children (Jane nods softly).

JANE: I remember my childhood years. This was the time when I used to enjoy good moments with my family members. We used to gather around the fireplace and tell lots of stories, jokes, and riddles.

ME: Huh! (Feeling nostalgic)

JANE: We no longer do that. It seems as if we have turned to robots (she laughs off)

ME: The situation has been made worse by the telecommunication systems in our homes. You find that family members are now spending most of their time in these devices.

JANE: I have also noticed that my children pay no attention when I am addressing them with the television set is on.

ME: Earlier before I realized the impact it was having on my family, I had installed television sets in each room of my house. The situation became tragic when myyoungest son almost fell over a lamp while walking past after being captivated by his favorite show.

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JANE: I also noticed that my young children behave aggressively towards their peers. I assumed that maybe they were copying such behavior from theirpeers. (I nod in agreement)

ME: As parents, we are to blame for this aggressive behavior. We have not done enough in teaching our children good communication skills.

JANE:  How?

ME: You find that parents themselves are communicating whilst watching their favorite shows or working on their projects. I have therefore introduced family time whereby Alice and I involve our children in card playing, storytelling, and the like. As a result, I have noticed a considerable change in our children’s behavior and turn taking.

JANE: Oh, that is clever, huh…

ME: Quality time has become very essential to us. We have also customized our television programmer whereby we monitor whatever our children are watching.

JANE: Which channels should I subscribe to?

ME: Have a dialogue with them. By so doing, you get to know their interests and their likes that could be an important step. (she nods)

JANE: What is your view about the internet?

ME: We both agree that we are currently living in the era of technology. We have the responsibility to ensure that the sites our children browse are safe, secure, and do not expose them to danger of being victims of internet moral decay.

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JANE: I agree that parenting and being a single parent can be a bit challenging, but it could positively teach you how to face many hurdles of life.

ME: Family to me is the top priority. I see it as a source of comfort. It is a place, where you can get that unconditional support out of this cruel and unpredictable world.

JANE: Our young adults should therefore stop viewing their family as a burden and realize that it is the family that makes them who they are today.

ME: The truth is that parenting is an important tool when it comes to the parenting teenagers. I always recommend democratic parenting style, where a teenager clearly understands the laid down rules and expectations. (She leans forward, looking very interested)

JANE: You can be sure I will consider that once I get home.

(We finished off our meals and left the restaurant. It has been a striking and interesting conversation)


Perception is defined as one’s ability to internalize and respond to sensory stimuli. It also includes how we respond to the information we receive from others. Our perception about the world and our interpretation is unique and different. Perception allows us to take that sensory information we gather from others and communicate to others to enable us understand and use the sensory information effectively. Perception is therefore very essential in our personal and work relationships. We all realize that healthy relationships are built on care, trust, and understanding. In any relationship, it is imperative to understand the sensory information around us through our five senses. In our personal relationships, I believe that people speak languages differently through physical touch, giving quality time, as well as acts of service.



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