The Magic Ring

If I had a magic ring and a chance to get whatever I want, then I would like to help poor and needy people. In this world, millions of people die in hunger every day. They do not have the opportunity to satisfy their basic needs. Therefore, if I could have a magic ring, then I would gather some food, clothes, and other important things for them, thus improving their lives. With the help of a magic ring, I would like to travel to different developing and underdeveloped countries. Such travels will help me to understand the lifestyles of different people around the world. I will visit African and Asian poor countries, and it will help me to understand the day-to-day problems of those people. I will try to find some solutions to their problems by using technologies. I would like to educate poor children about new technologies. Such knowledge will help them to improve their countries in future. Moreover, I would like to help the nature and the Earth. Currently, different factories, vehicles, and machines pollute the world. I would like to improve the production of biofuel, which will help to control pollution. Also, I want to improve the lives of wild animals. There are thousands of animals, which are ill-treated or living in bad conditions due to the climate and the lack of food and care. I would like to provide food and shelter for these animals. Nevertheless, I want to have quiet and peaceful life with enough resources. With the help of the ring, I will try to improve the lives of my parents, relatives, neighbors, and the society. I will start a new healthcare center to improve the lives of old and ill people. Also, I will establish a charity and orphanage center to take care of orphan children. Thus, I want to use the magic ring to improve the lifestyles of people.

If there is no laws in the world and everyone has a magic ring, then it can help people to have an independent and carefree life. Most of people do their jobs to fulfill their dreams. Therefore, if they get everything whatever they like, they will stop caring about their responsibilities.

There will be no hunger or poverty. People can have treatments or medicines of different illnesses very easily. Poor people would be able to easily feed their families. They would live a happy and peaceful life in a good house without worries. Talented scientists will have more resources to complete their researches. People would have a chance to travel from one country to another very easily. As a result, they would be able to learn lots of new things from different cultures and traditions. Cultural exchanges will create strong unities between people of different cultures and religions.

However, possessing a magic ring can have some consequences. For example, if people can have whatever they like, then such opportunities can make them lazy, careless, and selfish. As a result of laziness, millions of people will acquire physical health problems. If people get whatever they want, they will stop working, and it lead to the collapse of market and social system. People will easily break social laws and norms. There will be no specific laws such as gun control or anti drug laws; it will destruct the law and order system. Greedy people and criminals can commit serious crimes to harm others. Alcoholic and drug addicts will have more opportunities to abuse harmful drugs and chemicals. As a result, crime rates will increase. Nobody will care about police and administrations. Consequently, administrations will have difficulties to protect honest citizens. Thus, the magic ring can affect the society.



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