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Appreciating Music essay

Introduction Music, as a word, has been given various definitions by different thinkers. Nevertheless, some people define music in terms of how it benefits them; they pay attention to the genre and their aesthetic perception specifically depends on ...

Art and Design essay

Oskar Fischinger is a common name in the animation scene, best known for his work Motion Painting no.1 (1947), this German painter is considered to be one of the pioneer animators of his generation. He was featured in Fritz Lang’s, Woman in ...

Minor White: Manifestations of the Spirit essay

Sometimes overlooked and controversial Minor Martin White was undoubtedly the foremost photographer of the 20th century. His great and usually misunderstood works demonstrate comprehension of photography’s aesthetic sides and potential for ...

Saluting Protective Spirit essay

Saluting Protective Spirit is a work of art that was done between 883-859 BC. It had been done with finite details being given to individual parts of its pictorial representation. The figure was created by making carvings on gypsum stone ( Reade, ...
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