A Brochure Critique

The Purpose of the Educational Material

The brochure under discussion provides the materials about the type 2 diabetes. The introduced materials are composed in a brief form that contains only the most significant aspects. Hence, a reader may receive a short introduction to this topic and get to know about the main points of the type 2 diabetes (Diabetes, 2014). The brochure is divided into several sections. They include: causes, awareness, symptoms, prevention, and treatment. Each of these sections provides the brief information about the particular issue and summarizes the main points about the type 2 diabetes.

The overall purpose of the educational material is to inform people about such illness as the type 2 diabetes. The author of this brochure illustrates the factors that may lead to the development of this illness. He/she identifies its main causes, provides the list of symptoms and preventive measures that are necessary to obey in order to avoid this disease. This paper indicates that the main reason of the type 2 diabetes is a person’s life style. According to this fact, the author appeals to readers in order to make them change their attitude to their health state, especially to what they eat. Hence, it can be said that the general idea of this brochure is to inform the audience about the threat of the type 2 diabetes and make certain precautions in order to reduce the development of this disease among the population (Diabetes, 2014).

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Thus, the intended audience of this brochure is the category of people who suffer from the type 2 diabetes or are being at risk to have this disease. Nevertheless, this information refers to everyone because the type 2 diabetes is a disease that can appear as a result of bad nutrition, especially, eating a lot of sugar.

Age Group

The intended audience is those individuals who suffer from diabetes or have the first symptoms of this disease. However, the age classification is difficult to estimate because diabetes can be detected at any age. For instance, it might be a teenager of 13 years old, an adult person who is 34 years or a senior man at his 67. Hence, the targeted audience, according to its age classification, varies from children to senior people (Phillips, 2014).

According to this fact, it is quite difficult to create a brochure that will correspond to all age groups. Nevertheless, teaching recommendations are presented in a clear and easy to understand manner. Thus, even a child could understand what diabetes is and what one should do or should not do in order to cure this disease.

To the biologic characteristic one may refer the health state of a particular individual. This aspect includes the specific features of the person’s organism, such as the state of his/her inner organs, the content of sugar in blood, the insulin reaction, and many other factors (Lee, Park, Whyte, & Jeong, 2013).

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Psychological stages mean a way how a person views his/her disease, whether he/she perceives it seriously or not. Some people do not take any precautions in order to minimize an effect of their disease. As a result, diabetes may bring additional problems.

Principles of Learning

This material contains such learning principle as readiness. A person who is ready to perceive materials has more chances to learn more useful information. In this case, one provides some information about diabetes. The targeted audience is those people who already suffer from it or who have the first symptoms. According to this fact, the audience is ready to perceive the new material because it has a desire to learn something new about this issue.

Another learning principle is intensity (Hardy, 2012). Material should be introduced in a sharp and clear manner. It should not be boring. The brochure provides such facts that attract the attention of readers from the very beginning. The author raises such issue as overweight as one of the first statement of his/her brochure. According to the statistics, every third American has the problems with an excess weight. Hence, the recommendations about the weight lost and the effect of sugar on the human organism is a good attempt to involve readers. Thus, the principle of intensity is exactly what the author of this brochure has used in order to attract the readers’ attention.

Critical Evaluation of the Materials

The primary observation of the brochure indicates that this work proposes more advantages than disadvantages. According to this fact, the strong sides of this research are the following ones:

- Brief information about main points. The author provides only the necessary data without waffles.

- Thesis style. The entire brochure is divided into five sections; each section is dedicated to a certain aspect of this issue. Every aspect contains the brief information about the issue. Some of the aspects like treatment and symptoms are designed in the thesis style.

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- Argumentation. The provided information contains only the useful material about the disease. Despite the fact that the brochure is short, it is very informative and argumentative.

One may refer the following issues to the weaknesses of this work:

- Limited information about treatment. The author has provided a very short piece of information about treatment. In fact, it is an example of general pieces of advice rather than some critique points.

This brochure is a good example of the informative and useful work. However, there are some aspects that can be improved in order to make this recommendation research better (Diabetes, 2014). For instance, the readability of information is needed to be revised. Symptoms and treatment columns are easy to read, while all other columns are written, using small cursive. The web-page is used irrationally; about 40 percent of free space is not used and left blank. However, the author could make the cursive large and apply the entire free space of the page. In this way, the readability will be better; and there would not be any necessity to use one more webpage to put all information about diabetes.


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