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Can the Social Networks Become a Real Tool Marketing for Companies?

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Research

1.1. Statement of the Problem

The problem stated in the research is that many businesses that operate online do not have enough information that can be used to promote their products and/or services on the Internet. In other words, the entrepreneurs, especially the beginners, do not have sufficient qualifications to start and run businesses over the Internet (Moser 2013). They also lack knowledge and understanding of significant online processes that have a strong impact on the operations of the Internet business (Larry Light Arcature LLC & Joan Kiddon Arcature LLC 2009). Today, the use of social media marketing in terms of social medial channels and digital networking offers a great number of opportunities that many entrepreneurs are not able to experience (Maya 2013). For this reason, the research strives to generate the most valuable information that will be merely practical and can be easily applied in the online business (Holt 2013). It is also important to acknowledge that the mechanisms of the Internet business promotion work effectively despite the nature of the business (Accardi-Petersen 2011). Hence, it is advisable to share the best practices of running an online business using the most contemporary marketing tools, such as social media channels and digital networking (Meyerson 2015).


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1.2. Research Objectives

The objectives of the research will help to understand how the businesses can operate online more effectively using the most contemporary marketing tools. It refers to adding more value to the business by establishing a strong brand through the use of Internet tools, such as social media channels and digital networking. The major implication of the research is to collect the information on how the companies should perceive the online business in the Digital Age. At the same time, it reflects the understanding of how to apply the real tool marketing solutions in order to promote products and/or services over the Internet. Thus, it is important to understand the actions that the online businesses should do in order to become effective on the Internet. The major objective is to comprehend how to apply the best practices of the social media marketing in the real-life context of the online business. 

1.3. Research Questions

  • How can the companies offer their products and services online in a more effective way through the use of the most contemporary marketing tools?
  • How can the businesses add more value to the target customers and establish a trusted brand using Internet tools, such as social media channels and digital networking?
  • How can the companies perceive the online business in the Digital Age so as to have an advantageous position towards its direct competitors in the target market?
  • How to apply the real tool marketing solutions by means of the products and/or services’ advertising on the Internet?
  • What actions should the entrepreneurs perform in promoting their online businesses so as to be more effective on the Internet?
  • How to apply the best practices of the social media marketing in the real-life context of the online business? 

1.4. Scope of the Research

Nowadays, the Internet plays the most important role in the development of any business since every contemporary business operates online. At the same time, the trends of its growth over the Internet change almost every day. Any business that has an online presence operates in perpetuity. Nevertheless, most of the businesses presented on the Internet take advantage of all the available resources in order to promote their products and services online. The idea is to use as many online resources as possible by means of attracting different genders, age demographics, ethnic groups, religions, races, etc. The most used conventional instruments of the marketers are the content marketing, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and lead optimization. Simultaneously, most of these businesses use offline instruments to promote their products and services; however, all of them refer to the online resources that are connected with each other. The idea is to combine both means of advertising in order to maximize income as well as to reflect reputable profit margins. Combination of these sources of advertising serves as a means for delivering valuable information to the target customers through the use of the social media channels and digital networking as the real tool marketing solutions for the online business (McGrath & Macmillan 2013).

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1.5. Significance of the Study

The trends of conventional marketing strategies do not simply explain the values of the business, but utilize testimonials of customers that are put on the companies’ websites so that every potential client can review them before making a purchase (Kotler 2011). It is also important to acknowledge that the use of conventional technologies is the result of a technological progress that is well integrated into society (Kotler, Hessekiel, & Lee 2011). Therefore, there is a need to take advantage of the technological developments by means of creating a positive impact on the position of the companies in the target industry (Levinson 2010). However, such impact can be managed only by dint of the target market improvement (Kotler & Kotler 2012). Overall, such improvements can be tested in a single company of a particular brand and applied in order to improve the experience of the target customers as a whole (McGrath & Macmillan 2013). Such implications of the digital world can be used in order to create the best possible solutions for the target customers (Kotler & Lee 2011). The purpose is to establish the changes that would make the life of the target customers easy enough in order to return again and even recommend the products and services of these companies to friends and family (Meyerson 2015). The existing companies that present their businesses online can instantly apply such marketing behaviors (Larry Light Arcature LLC, Joan Kiddon Arcature LLC, Till, Heckler, Mathews, Hall, & Wacker 2012).

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Chapter 2: Review of Relevant Literature and Related Studies

Many people today wish to improve their business operations online using social networking as a real tool marketing solution. However, it does not mean it will be profitable for its owner. The best way to market the online business is to launch only the projects of interest for the target customers over the Internet. Simultaneously, it is important to know the rules of lucrative online companies creation as they implement the proven techniques for launching profitable projects online through the use of social networking as real tool marketing for their businesses. These are the rules for building profitable companies that can offer the best solutions to the target customers worldwide. As a result, such a dynamic strategy allows these companies to run their businesses and maximize their revenues within the first year simply by optimizing the online business projects. In fact, these techniques and solutions work for the people who are starting an online business and those who already have a business, but wish to increase their income. The concept of the social networking as a real tool marketing can serve as a strategy for the business model. It means that the concept of the social networking should bring new opportunities for the target customers and the companies in particular. Hence, the below rules should be strictly followed by the companies in the target market of products and/ r services (Budelmann, Kim, & Wozniak 2010).

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2.1. Creating New Marketing Campaigns

Potential customers can be attracted to the business with the help of various online instruments. One of the best examples is marketing campaigns that will promote the products and/or services online. Therefore, the companies need to use differentiated advertising by launching marketing campaigns in various niches. The purpose is to find a target audience and match it with the products and/or services offered through the Internet (Arthur 2013).

2.2. Offering Products and/or Services with High Converting Rates

It is important to locate different niches to promote the business products and/or services online. For example, the companies can launch different projects that will offer the products and/or services through various affiliate marketing companies. In addition, the companies can analyse Cost per Conversion (CPA) networks to generate offers that would be demanded in the market and industry. Such offers are most accurately convertible with the maximum Return on Investment (ROI) in the target niche (Millman 2012).

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2.3. Conducting Detailed Competitive Analysis

In order to create a profitable business online, the companies need to examine the products and/or services of the competing businesses and meticulously analyse their most challenging offers. The idea is to find the value of the solutions offered by the competitors and match them with the similar products and/or services in their businesses. For example, such analysis can help the companies to reveal the aspects due to which their highly converted advertising solutions would outrun the competition (Fisk 2010).

2.4. Generating Innovative Commercials that Drive Traffic to the Promo Campaigns

In order to make the future launches profitable, the companies need to bring the most traffic to their websites and advertising campaigns. For example, there is one valuable technique that allows companies to generate traffic based on the advantageous Internet advertising models and commercial offers. Another technique that the companies can use to launch their business is analysing the models that direct traffic to website advertising campaigns of their competitors. For instance, one of the most important Internet advertising models is Pay per Click (PPC) advertising. The most important is that it should be fully integrated with Google AdWords. The purpose of such advertising model is to bring in the message of competitors’ PPC ads. The goal is to find the cutting remarks of these adverts and adopt the most valuable ideas into the personalized and innovative commercial offers (Greenberg & Kates 2013).

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2.5. Advertising New Marketing Campaigns

Every business that deserves customers’ attention should be positioned properly to the target audience. In other words, the companies need to use marketing campaigns to promote their products and/or services online. Therefore, the companies should take advantage of all advertising and marketing campaigns as these are the instruments to generate the most profit into their future launches. For example, marketing and advertising campaigns should appear one after another to activate the potential customers towards their positive purchase decisions. The purpose is to generate innovative advertising that will drive traffic to their websites and all marketing campaigns. As a result, these advertising campaigns will make the businesses more profitable (Richey & Ponte 2011).

2.6. Building New Social Media and Networking Channels

In every business niche, it is important to understand that the companies should be engaged in a particular circle of awareness with the existing and potential customers. The more people are involved, the more returns the companies receive. For example, one of the solutions that are used to create awareness and engagement is developing social media communication and creating multiple networking channels. In addition, the companies use both free of charge and paid methods for building social media and networking channels. The purpose is to leverage the stream of potential customers and engage in long-term commitment with the existing customers. As a result, such efforts drive more traffic to the newly created marketing campaigns and attract the target audience to purchase more products and/or services that the companies offer when launching their businesses (Ryan 2014).

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2.7. Constructing Landing Pages to Promote the Top Offers

Landing pages and websites serve as a tool to utilize the communication channels and products that the companies create for their customers. The purpose is to attract them by offering everything they need in the way they will be ready to purchase their products and/or services. Besides, it is important to use these landing pages and websites to create partnerships and offer support to the target customers. For example, these landing pages can be optimized in a way to sell the products and/or services of the companies to the target audience automatically. In other words, there is no need for any labour force to utilize such landing pages and marketing campaigns. A great advantage to the business and future launches is to create and manage new SEO-optimized blogs and forums to add more value to the target customers in every niche through the diversified marketing campaigns (Scott 2014).

2.8. Developing Split-Tests to Optimize Landing Pages and Generate More Profit

The most valuable sources of income for the companies can be defined with the help of the facts and figures’ analysis based on the opinions of both potential and existing customers. The best way to analyse such information is using split-tests for every landing page. This illustrates the growth of income from various websites that offer the products and/or services of the companies. The more differentiated landing pages and websites the companies have, the more profit they generate from each marketing campaign. For example, the decisions of the companies on further investment should be made based on the results they obtain from these split-tests. Such information gives the companies a solution on what products and/or services are better to offer the target customers by addressing the strongest points. In addition, the companies can enhance their business offers as they analyse both advantages and disadvantages of the marketing campaigns offered by their competitors (Kotler, Kartajaya, & Setiawan 2010).

2.9. Analysing Data in Search for Sources that Bring the Most Traffic and Sales

As a rule, it is easier to analyse the reports that not only represent the data, but evaluate information and exhibit the best results of traffic and highest sales. These reports of the companies are easy to understand as they provide all the necessary information about their potential and existing customers. The companies use this information to create more marketing campaigns and offer more products and/or services that give priority to their target customers. Hence, the companies concentrate on the advertising that brings the most traffic and sales, eliminating the websites with paid traffic that do not have any Return on Investment (The Economist & Ellwood 2014).

2.10. Duplicating the Offers in New Business Niches

The profit can be generated overtime, which means the companies will make money out of repeated offers. In such a way, the companies duplicate the marketing campaigns that generated the most income to their business and offer the products and/or services with the help of these particular advertising campaigns. For example, the companies double their profits if they repeat the successful marketing and advertising campaigns by adapting their products and/or services and offering more value to the target customers in different niches. Thus, the companies know how to attract potential clients and entice the existing customers into a long-term engagement with their business offers. Apparently, the companies generate more money by attracting new customers with multiple advertising and marketing campaigns that worked in previous launches of the target products and/or services. For example, the customers deeply value a business that has at least ten products and/or services that can satisfy the most sophisticated customers. Therefore, the companies restart their advertising and marketing campaigns, searching for different niches and creating more challenging business offers that generate a considerable Return on Investment. Besides, the launch formula that is used by the companies is valuable for both existing businesses and start-up projects (Lee & Kotler 2013).

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Chapter 3: Research Framework and Methodology

3.1. Research Structure and Design of the Study

The research is managed based on the implications of both quantitative and qualitative findings. In other words, the study is managed with respect to the review of relevant literature on how the companies can promote their products and/or services online using the most contemporary marketing strategies. In particular, the emphasis is put on the ways businesses can be more effective by means of social media marketing. It can be achieved through the efficient use of the social media channels and digital networking.

3.2. Methods of Collecting and Analysing the Data

The research is based on the findings from the secondary data with reference to multi-faceted material on the real tool marketing solutions for the online business. Simultaneously, the secondary findings are supported with the primary research, which is based on the online survey in the form of personalized interviews with the entrepreneurs who operate their online businesses across Europe, the United States, Asia, Africa, Australia and Middle East.

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3.3. Assumptions and Hypothesis

It is believed that there are many online marketing instruments that are not recognized by the entrepreneurs in terms of its more effective implementation. Therefore, it is assumed that the business owners will be able to promote their products and services more effectively by investigating the aspects of the social media marketing in terms of the best marketing practices on the social media channels and digital networking. At the same time, it is assumed that the business owners can add more value to the target customers by using the combination of the real tool marketing solutions for the online business. Consequently, such actions will lead to a greater number of annual sales, which will result in higher profit margins of the companies that operate their businesses online. 

3.4. Research Ethics and Confidentiality

Since the research study was based on the personalized facts about the business, including personal information of the research participants, it intends to consider ethical implications of the entrepreneurs so as not to share their individual information in public. The recommendations and their clarifications were provided in a combined way; thus, personal details will not be disclosed to the third parties, which will guarantee the privacy of the research participants. At the same time, the entrepreneurs will also have access to the research findings, being able to take advantage of them irrespective of their business experiences. In fact, the entrepreneurs agreed to share their most sophisticated marketing strategies by means of the maximum value delivery to the target readers.



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