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The company Steve Madden is one of the most successful shoes and accessories brands in the United States. Established in 1990, it is still evolving to meet the customers’ and market’s requirements, expectations and preferences. The company achieves these objectives by the means of experienced work and unique creative designs of their production. Steve Madden has natural sense of what is the most fashionable at the moment, which excites people and defines future trends he will mention in his new collections. This leader of the footwear industry builds relationships with the customers by designing shoes that can express the men’s and women’s individuality. The vast number of customers worldwide demonstrate this evidence and determine their satisfaction with the brand. Although Steve Madden’s designs are at the top of the fashion industry, the company focuses on the satisfaction of its customers and shapes the market’s needs.

The target market of the company are men and women who want comfortable footwear that corresponds to their lifestyle. The brand offers fashionable but still independent items. As the market is constantly growing, Steve Madden Ltd. is looking towards the future and offers different accessories as well as shoes. This shoe business has divided the target age ranges as they offer different product lines. They manage to create shoes that are among the most preferred by the teenage girls as well as business women. It is, certainly, not an easy thing to be always over-the-top. The company sells the majority of its products through the department stores, retail stores, and their web-site. The range of other products also includes handbags, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, and other outwear accessories. The brand is growing and the list of new products is enriching and improving annually (Weilheimer, 2010).

In order to keep current with the changing business needs and meet customers’ preferences, the owner and designer of the company Steve Madden pays attention to the shoes people wear on the streets all over the world. He analyzes their looks and styles and creates unique units according to the people’s preferences. The style of Steve Madden’s footwear is unique and interesting, and the celebrities pay attention to it as well. It leads to the acquisition of new customers, who tend to follow the famous people’s styles. The footwear lines offered by Steve Madden are as creative as the top world’s shoes producers’, but still not everyone appreciates this fact. The company finds ways to make impossible things, which is to create high-quality items with the reasonable and affordable price for a wide range of people. Thus, in combination with the high quality, it makes the brand competitive on the world market. However, the company is smaller than others in the US. It is significantly expanding by acquiring more and more customers every year.

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Despite the fact that Steve Madden served two and a half years in the prison for a stock fraud, his reputation as a footwear design genius remained the same. The members of the company work in strong collaboration with each other. It is quite difficult, but this mutual understanding within the business helps to make the best products that respond to the client’s expectations (Holson, 2013). However, it is necessary not only to persuade a customer to buy a product, but also to retain him and so that he will use the services of the company again. Thus, the complaints and dissatisfaction is well managed in Steve Madden’s company. Usually, it resolves the complaint management process through the mutual consultation with the customers. In case the customer notices the defect, he should promptly submit the complaint to the company. As a rule, the company addresses it within 14 days, but if they need more time, the managers contact the customer and inform when he can get a response. In order to manage all the possible complaints, Steve Madden Ltd. has shipping and return policies based on the ideas of convenience and satisfaction of the customers’ needs. The Madden’s company gladly accepts returns of unworn items within 30 days after delivery. The brand targets to achieve the customer’s positive referral and satisfaction, as they determine the sales of the company’s products. As far as quantity of footwear items is significantly enriching, it speaks about the customers’ positive attitudes towards the company.

Steve Madden aims to achieve the customers’ loyalty. They offer high-quality footwear that is always fashionable and corresponds to the current trends. Moreover, the company has different offers, including signing up for a mobile commerce and free shipping promotions. They even offer a stylist, who advices how to wear the shoes - both casual and smart. The brand has a lot of specials, and the customers, by following the company in the social networks, keep themselves informed about them. As a result, they return to this brand again and again.

The Steve Madden Company builds strong relationships with their customers by the means of offering them high quality footwear and accessories. Also, the brand gets their loyalty due to the affordable prices, as compared to their competitors. They design products for a wide age range to satisfy the biggest number of potential customers. In case of dissatisfaction with the company’s products or services, they try to resolve the complaints quickly and effectively. It is very important for Steve Madden, as the company is not as big as the majority of their competitors, and they need to present their products in the best way. In addition, the company builds relationships with the customers by means of social networks. The positive referral is also enhanced by the celebrities who choose Steve Madden. The company improves its services and designs new products to respond to the market’s requirements and satisfy their customers.

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