Brazil and Its Place in the World's Economy

Everyone knows about Brazil as either about the country of carnivals and celebrations, or as the hometown of coffee, or, after all, as the football country. However, one forgets that as any other country, Brazil is one of the boom countries in the world. According to its history, long ago, the whole South America was divided in length between Portugal and Spain colonizers; that is why, Brazil nowadays is the only Portuguese-speaking country on the whole continent. Being under colonization for quite long, Brazil after all got its independence and became Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic (Malathronas). However, after all these years, one may wonder where exactly Brazil stands in the world’s economic, as well as which place and influence it has on this world and its relations.

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Nowadays Brazil is considered to be one of the most fast-growing countries in the world. It is on the same scale with such countries as China, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and Turkey, and is determined as the country with the economic boom. Brazil is not only the largest country in the South America, but also the country, which development in the last few years has greatly increased. It is the first time in the world’s economy records, when the United Kingdom is behind the nation from the South America. According to all troubles that now are happening in the European Union, there are also predictions that soon even France and Germany, that now have third and fourth positions as the world’s powerhouses, would appear behind Brazil (Fagge). Despite any difficulties with favelas that the country is famous for, poorness in the society, as any economic researchers say, soon Brazil will become one of the biggest powerhouses in the world. There is no stability in the European Union right now, so investors are choosing such countries like Brazil with its stability. Having large base of the natural resources and with the help of vast reserves, including also middle class and richness for cash, Brazil’s economy has everything for its rapid growth now and in future. Moreover, with the indigenous population that this country still has, with the resources and rich forests of Amazon, the biggest country of South America is even more valuable, especially for the foreign investors (Top Ten). Another attractive for the investors characteristic of this country is that for already many years, there were not any revolutions or large strikes in Brazil. There were few strict dictatorships in Brazil; many revolutions took place there before the establishing of civil control and peace. This has become another great attraction of the country – peace.

Due to the growing population, the increasing world’s role, and fast development in the economic sense, nowadays media is paying all its attention to Brazil. However, there is still a question whether Brazil is ready to take such role or not. Several newspapers not so long ago published the articles about educational sort of crisis in Brazil and the way it affects the economy of the country and its role in the world. It was said that in the educational terms, in comparison to its economy, Brazil could happen to appear on one of the last positions. It was also stated that the problems in education mostly take place in internalization. As all know, most of the Brazilians are not passionate travelers to large distances; moreover, international students, due to the country’s location, are not attracted to the Brazilian universities either. Although this situation does not occur only in Brazil, but also in the whole Latin America, still due to the economy growth and the importance of Brazil, the popularity of Brazilian education around the world is still low (Grant, Milner). Moreover, more and more Brazilian students choose other countries, such as the United States of America for example, as the destination for their future education. Another important factor that could slow the international mobilization of the country is its preference to using just one language – Portuguese (Associated Press). Inside the country, in its educational system, in its economic mobilization, it would be better if Brazil would have changed this situation and gave also the preference to the international language. It would not only gain Brazil easier ways to the international mobilization, but also would definitely secure the role and the place of the country on the world’s arena.

Today Brazil is burning. It is burning with the flames of the fast-growing economy. In about something like a decade, the unemployment rate in the country has fallen to the unbelievably low numbers. Moreover, the central banks are trying to decrease the inflation every single day. Now the Gross Domestic Product of the country has been rising in about ten percent. Someone says that such growth among all the world’s countries has not been seen since the Great Depression. For the several decades, Brazil and its citizens were way too behind other nations, but after the years of hard work they just deserved to have one of the leading positions in it. While Europe has a hard fight with crisis and its results, Brazil’s economy is just picking up its steam. Brazilian currency is stable, there are no longer any foreign debts, foreign investors and foreign export are more than stable. With every year, more and more people have access to credits and have an opportunity to buy houses or cars (Economy Profile). Moreover, not so long ago, there were several articles about the newly-discovered oil source in Brazil. Being for a long time at the back seats of this world, nowadays Brazil is getting its awards. These all facts do not mean that there is nothing to work on for Brazil, like poverty or the level of violence on the streets; however, finally, this country seems like having got its place. Without a doubt, it does not also mean that this country has to stop developing right now; otherwise, the booming that is happening there right now will stop. All Brazil and Brazilians have to do is to be able to keep their environment stable. Although most of the country’s resources are in Amazon, Brazilians still need to preserve them all: all forests, the indigenous population with its traditions, and, of course, the river.

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In order to transform the country into the economy powerhouse, Brazil and its government have to change something in their educational system, to improve health care and furthermost, to prevent the existing of drug bands and hooligans on streets (Ambrosio). Besides taking care of economy, investors, production level, the government and the president have to think about their lousy healthcare and schools and universities graduates. However, even to that problem government is already taking measures, such as special payments to the poor people, who have children at school, and special programs to decrease the poverty level.

Being one of the key-drivers in emerging market and unlike its inflation level, Brazil, despite any troubles, still somehow managed to weather its economy and international relations. The country has just got out of the global crisis aftermath and has already tried to retrieve its trade market. Although the corruption in the economy of Brazil is still present, it has the lowest rate among all leading world’s countries. According to some scientists, Brazil nowadays is in its golden age of development; even though many people are still talking about China and its progress in the economy, the predictions about Brazil are much greater. The country is heating up from its rapid development. The optimistic side towards the economy of Brazil is that there are still many resources, or better to say, the sources of the natural resources, in the untouched forests of Amazonia. Although there are many dilemmas about the ways to use these resources and to help the country with its future, and in the same time to preserve indigenous population and their culture, almost every leading country, according to the last data about Brazil’s economy, thinks that this country will easily handle any problem or dilemma considering its natural resources (Mormolojo). They say that the government of Brazil has just to learn the ways to utilize natural resources and energy resources of the country. Moreover, we should not forget about the up-coming football competition World Cup and the Olympics of 2016. The status of the country in the cultural sphere and sport depends on both of these competitions. Such great competitions will change the status of Brazil and will put it on the new level (Kugel). For a long period of time, everyone just thought about Brazil as about the country of the next years, of future; however, everyone did forget to mention that this country had a really big potential. Without a doubt, a new government took into consideration all opportunities this country has. While in every country around the world the unemployment rate is increasing, in Brazil this rate is getting lower and lower every year. Even the poor people in Brazil have at least some job, even though it might be not paid properly (Ambrosio).

During the last decade, Brazil has created a new cycle of its development, expanding its inside market, and decreasing its poverty level. In the economy of this country, a new term has appeared – the new Brazilian model of development. For instance, the increase in export merchandize causes thr increase of income capital and other international goods. Exactly this kind of mechanism, Brazilian model, is the thing that has helped in the last several years to increase the Gross Domestic Product of the country. At the same time, according to and with the help of this model, the increase of the foreign capital helped to decrease its vulnerability to the financial shocks and provocations, like it has happened in 2008. In its turn, the currency stability helped the central bank of Brazil to reduce a rate of inflation in the country; moreover, this level is still reducing.

Another great improvement lies in the manufacturing industry of Brazil. Nowadays, the manufacturing of Brazil can be easily put in the competition with the manufacturing industries of other leading countries. Moreover, the crisis of 2008, unlike its effect in other world’s countries, helped Brazil to work even harder; it has put before the government of the country the new challenges that just had to be managed. For instance, from the international economy side, a good result of the international oil export has put before the government an opportunity to become competitive with other countries in this sphere of export. The New Brazilian Model’s goal is not only to increase an economic growth of Brazil, but also to gain from it as much income as one can (Foresight Project).

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However, as much as people were paying attention to the economy and finances of the country, everyone has almost forgotten about its policy and the growth of its importance around the world. As it was mentioned previously, before its independence, Brazil has suffered many different dictatorships. Moreover, the slavery had not just existed on this territory, but had also been widely spread; in those times, the slavery was on the sort of its peak of prosperity in the country. Without a doubt, this fact became one of the reasons, why there are so many representatives of the low social status in Brazil. The international value of such country as Brazil is considered to be the ultimately needful and useful. Co-operation with Brazil can open any country in this world all doors to the South America and also a co-operation with it. Moreover, as it was also mentioned above, the stability of Brazilian currency, the stability of its political life, and the expansion of the international trade can easily become the best motivators and great opportunities for Brazil to earn the leading point at the world’s arena. With all sorts of rewards and accomplishments this country has got, Brazil could eventually become the main player in the troublesome race on the ways to prevent everyone from getting into other crises that might happen in the future. Moreover, the co-operation with such a rapidly developing country as China, only proves that Brazil is not the country one can easily forget about, and remember only with the words about carnivals or football. Nowadays Brazil is not only considered, but also is, the chosen country, which always plays the sophisticated element of the world’s policy and economy. Being on the crossroads of the different monopolies, Brazil still stays without any conflicts, especially between its neighbors (Guererro).

Brazil is on its way to the full industrialization. Being the best and one of the most important supplier of natural gas and oil, Brazil is considered to be one of the most democratic countries in the South America. Being the largest country in Latin America, Brazil is the country of paradoxes and the actual, like the one that is described in books, democracy. It has a great potential, as it improves its world’s characteristics every year, so it means that there are great chances that sooner or later Brazil might take the first places in the world’s ratings.

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