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The Unreal China’s Export Index

Recently the website Bloomberg Businessweek published an article “The Mystery of China’s Export Numbers”. This article contains the analysis of the China’s export report in April, 2013.Its author Dexter Roberts doubts about the trueness of the export index in China because it seems to be unreal, especially on the background of the global economy. In addition to that, the economists predicted the less growth. Roberts assumed that the reason of the falsification of in the secret capital siphon into China with different reasons. The other suspicious evidence is that some other countries get a decline in export. The author mentions the incongruity of the China’s data of export to a particular country and the country’s report of export from China. He assumes as well the plan to get advantage in the tax sphere. Any way, the fact is that the export index in the report is by seven points higher than it might really be.

Even though, the export is the macroeconomic term, its basis is in the inner country economy. So, the reasons of the false report can be only in the microeconomic field which is the ground for the whole economic relationships of any country. In this article recovers the possible reasons why China presented the unreal export numbers, and they all start on the level of the microeconomics.

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I guess that the falsification of the economic numbers, even on the local level, could never have a positive influence on the global economy. That is why such problems encourage the constant control and, in the cases of avoiding it, the quick and strict reaction.

The Importance of the Sports Business

At the beginning of the April 2013, the member of the Forbes Staff, Lance Madden published his article “Jay-Z the Sports Agent Reminds Us Just How Expansive and Important Sports Business is” on the Forbes official website. The author writes about the worldwide famous rapper Jay-Z who owns a part of right on the New York basketball team Brooklyn Nets. However, he intends to sell his share in order to avoid the conflict of interests. He locates the future plans in the athletics. The author of the article names also the other examples when the successful people from the other fields become the sport gurus. Among them are 50 Cent, Donald Trump, Snoop Dog and many others. Each of them supports the other sports fields and constantly donates pretty huge amounts of money. They consider these investments as the opportunity to increase the important of the sports business, and for the moment they succeed in these intentions.

The sport is a perfect perspective opportunity to get a personal financial profit. However, as any other entertaining fields of our life, it is important for the economy of the entire country. It is a well-known fact that, in the sports sphere, the cycle of money amounts are as huge as in any other businesses. Any way, the sport brings money to the economy. This has an influence on the microeconomic situation of the country in general.

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On my opinion, the sports are not only the business for the entrepreneurs, but it is also one of the favorite entertainments for the other people: fans, current sportsmen and young talented people who see their future in the sport. That is why I totally support the striving of the famous people to donate these people’s lives and the microeconomics at the same time.

Microsoft’s Failure on the PC Market

Connie Guglielmo is the member of the Forbes Staff and the author of an article “Microsoft’s Windows 8 Fails to Spur PC Sales as Buyers Opt for Smartphones, Tablets” which appeared at the beginning of the April 2013 on the Forbes official website. The author writes about the decrease of the Microsoft PCs because of the growing popularity of the smartphones and tablets. The fall of sales is almost 8 percent more than it was predicted. These percents are equal to more than ten million dollars. The analyst Bob O’Donnell says that, in such way, Microsoft slowed the market, and, now, its managers and developers must work hard in order to improve the Microsoft’s situation on the PC market. In the article, Guglielmo names the top PC brands which are Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo and Dell. Even with it falling down for 23,7 percents Hewlett-Packard still remains the first one among the others. She also writes about Apple’s situation when “the biggest competition for the Mac is Apple’s own iPad tablet”. She attached the percentage charts to illustrate the facts.

This article completely concerns microeconomics as it describes the situation on the particular market. The PCs, smartphones and tablets take the significant place on the general market. With the constant demand on these devices, this market is always relevant, as well as its benefit for the general economy of the country.

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I guess that Microsoft do not manage the same as the other PC producers. Moreover, most of the successful companies exceeded their production and produce different types of devices. Microsoft should watch the example of the other companies and learn a lesson. This knowledge in combination with personal addition is going to help their production to rise back to the high positions in the rates.

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