When speaking of causes and effects, one should never forget about ecology. Ecological state of our planet is something that is very closely associated in a mind of any literary person, when speaking about effects, the effects of our thoughtless actions, which cause so much damage to the planet we all live on. However, ecological effects of human activity would be too wide of a subject; therefore a much narrower topic was chosen for this paper. It is, namely, the causes of using plastic bags.

These little and so convenient little items seem to be so harmless, but in real fact the effects of using these little products of oil can be quite impressive. Plastic bags are mainly being used for packaging purposes, since they are much lighter, smaller and provide better isolation, than their paper or metal analogues (Yam, ND). Nowadays it is simply unthinkable to go to a store and to do without a plastic bag. They have become a reality of everyday life, to say even more, an integral part of contemporary life. And one would not be able to speak of any harm, caused by plastic bags, if it was not for their recycling. Yes, it is possible to recycle plastic bags, and in such a case, they will be able to serve as a source of energy and be even useful to the human kind (Soroka, ND), however, in the majority of cases, plastic bags are not being recycled, and are released into the air or water. And this is when they start causing outstanding harm to the nature. According to Selke (ND), once thrown away, plastic bags very are very slowly distracted in natural conditions. However, once they are torn into smaller parts, they become even more dangerous. Such bags are often mistaken by the fishes for food, and haven eaten such a plastic bag, a fish will slowly but surely die in horrible agony, as a result of its stomachs being unable to cope with a bag. Having died, the fish will become food for other, larger fishes, whose stomachs will also have to, but very unlikely will, cope with an unusual task of digesting a bag, contained within the eaten fish. Other plastic bags, hanging on the trees, may catch and choke birds and small animals. Taking into consideration tithe huge number of bags, used annually by the human kind, one may imagine the seriousness of the problem. Besides, we should not forget, that those countless bags, which people carelessly throw away having used them once, are being made of oil, which is so important for the planet’s energy production.

This all very clearly shows us, how strong the unfortunate effects caused by using plastic bags are. The dependence between the cause and the effect is so clear, that it is impossible to neglect it, and the most effective measures should be taken in the nearest future, unless the human kind want to choke themselves with plastic bags. There are alternative methods of packaging, maybe not as flexible and not as convenient, but it is important to take the future of the planet into consideration as well.



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