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Journal on Labor Day

Labor Day, which is set in the first day of September, was established with the purpose of celebrating the labor movement in our country. During this day, many pay tribute to the workers due to their contribution to the nation’s success and well-being in many ways. For example, some attend parties, others listen to speeches from prominent people while others take part in street parades in order to celebrate together with the labor unions. However, my labor day was exceptional, since I did not do any of the named activities.

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To start with, on Labor Day I kept everything else aside for the holiday. Unlike other days when I wake up early to go to class or do some personal chores, I have kept in mind that Labor Day was a day of rest. So, I started the day with a long morning sleep, since I woke at 10am. By the time I woke up, I had already been hungry and although I had sworn that I would not work, I was forced to cook some food for lunch. I was also forced to clean the dishes, in order to avoid annoying my mother. My parents, who could have helped me with the cooking, were not in the house as they had gone to celebrate the day with their friends and workmates. By the time I finished all my activities, it had already been 1pm.

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The previous day, I started watching the movie and I did not manage to watch it till the end. Therefore, I sat to watch the movie after lunch. Meanwhile, one of my friends joined me and we finished watching the movie at 3pm. Although I had no intentions of going out, my friend pressured me to accompany him to her house in order to meet her family members. Her dad had not been at home for a long time for he had been sent to work in another country by his employers.

Unlike my family members, her family members were not going for any party as the party was right in their house. I was forced to help with getting ready to the evening party celebrations and to prepare some items for the guests’ arrival. During all this time, her dad kept close to us as he wanted to know more about her daughter and who her friends were. After we had been through with the talking and the preparations, it was getting late and I begged to be excused. However, my friend and her dad would not allow me to leave, since they wanted me to be present at the evening party. They assured me that the party would only take two hours, since everyone would be busy the next day.

They also assured me that most of the people who would be present at the party would be grown-ups and my friend would need someone to accompany her. I agreed under the condition that they would drive me home after the party and that they would explain to my parents about my lateness.

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I partied until late in the night and then I was taken home ready to start another day. Although I had accomplished the task of keeping my friend’s company, I felt disappointment as I did not spend much time with my family during that day. Therefore, I swore that I would make the best out of the next coming Labor Day holiday by spending time with my parents. In addition, I swore that I would have to attend some parades during the next Labor Day celebration as I had missed much of such fun.

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