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United States Criminal Justice System


The criminal justice system of the country plays an integral role in the life of the citizens. First of their safety depends on the quality of criminal justice as it is impossible to control the criminality in every part of the country if its system has not been improved as much as possible. This is one of the principal reasons why it is of paramount importance to investigate every aspect of criminal justice. In this paper, one of the up-dated and unbiased article which touch upon the United states criminal justice system was taken into account. The author of the article discusses in his work the influence of both politicians’ decisions and citizens’ behavior on the development of the criminal justice system.

Keywords: the United States Criminal Justice System, criminality.

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United States Criminal Justice System

The article under consideration is entitled The Politics of Crime and Justice; it was created by an experiences and well-qualified author George F. Cole. The interest in the article lies in the fact that it is up-to-date as it was published in the book The American System of Criminal Justice in 2012. Consequently, it touches upon the issues the topicality of which is obvious. Furthermore, the data which was included in the article is recent.

First of all, the author’s main point is the development of the criminal justice system in the United States. It is of common knowledge that “expert systems can greatly benefit criminal justice operations” (Netanuahu 2010, p. 29). On the other hand, no criminal justice system can evolve without the support of the politicians. The author states that, in numerous cases, they adopt those laws which they consider to be able to improve the situation with the criminal justice in their country. However, these laws can have both a positive and a negative effect on the quality of citizens’ life. “If not written carefully, laws may affect more people that the original target of the law” (Cole, Smith, DeJong 2012, p. 14).

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In order to persuade the audience in the truth of his words, the author provides some examples of the negative influence of the adopted laws on the life of citizens. The examples were the recent situation which made people be put behind bars in spite of the fact that they were innocent. In this way, the author underscores that the contemporary American criminal justice system has a lot of weak points. To begin with, it is not ideal enough in the aspect that it is aimed at guaranteeing safety for every citizen irrespective of his/her nationality or race but it can not guarantee that an innocent person is not going to be put behind bars. For instance, the author states that a teenager was imprisoned because he had forgotten to put out his pocket knife, and he went to school with it because of his forgetfulness whereas the behavior of the student was not aggressive at all. It is evident that it can not become a reason for the citizen’s imprisonment as it seems to be absurd. On the other hand, modern criminal justice system allowed such imprisonment; furthermore, it demanded from the policemen to put a teenager behind bars.

Making a profound analysis of the article it is clear that the aim of the author was to address not only to the mass reader. It is obvious that the main purpose of the author was to provide some information for those professionals who work in the sphere of criminal justice and in the political one. The latter can look through their own mistakes and understand which area of their work must be given an added gloss.  Those professionals who work in the legal and criminal justice branch gain an opportunity to analyze the strong and the weak points of the United States criminal justice system. By means of the information provided in the article, they can also improve modern system of criminal justice in the U.S.A.

The data of the article applies to this course in a direct way as it discusses the principal issues of it. In spite of the fact that the article touches upon those issues which were not thoroughly covered in the textbook, the article is interesting for everyone who desires to improve his/her skills and his professionalism.

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Despite the positive sides of the article, there are some drawbacks of it. First of all, the author could expand on the ways of improvement of the criminal justice system. There are some pieces of information which prove the integral role which is played by the politicians in the changes which are peculiar for the fungal development of the United States criminal justice system. On the other hand, the information provided in the article is not enough to evolve some new ways to reduce the amount of the problems which are present in the contemporary criminal justice system of the U.S.A.

In conclusion, it is noteworthy to admit that the article The Politics of Crime and Justice is more than useful for everyone who is eager to expand his/her professional knowledge and to give an added gloss to the system of justice which is present now. Furthermore, the advantage of the article is the fact that it relevant and unbiased.

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