Communication and Workplace Effectiveness

Communication is a core factor in determining the operations of an organization as well as their effectiveness. Through communication, critical information is passed from one member of the organization to another. Undertaking an internship at Gift Company, I had a wonder experience on the way communication enables efficient operation of the organizational activities.  In all the three areas I worked in that company, it was the most important element of effectiveness. In reception, customer service and sales departments, good communication was required when interacting with customers, other employees, and the top management. This paper will describe the knowledge obtained during the industrial internship at Gift Company with regards to the relationship between communication and workplace effectiveness.

Performing with Diverse Groups

During my internship, I observed that good communication enabled diversification of operations, thus increasing the company efficiency. In all the three departments I worked, the communication enabled a broad range of interaction that improved the organizational processes. Using effective communication, the employees interacted with people of different ethnicity, race, gender, and age groups without any difficulties.

The wide range of the communication abilities improved the customer services offered by Gift Company attracting even more and more customers. However, simple misunderstanding between diverse groups was a threat to the company reputation. Hence, there was a continued emphasis on the management that all employees were required to communicate to customers with respect and utmost care. Good communication increases the company reputation through diversification hence improving the effectiveness of operations.

Time Management

Communication was a critical factor in determining time management within the organization. At Gift Company, time was an essential determinant of the total amount of work that each group of employees could complete in a day. Good communication from the top management to the junior employee improved the availability of information to the low levels of the company management. The employees applied the information in the most efficient way thus reducing the total amount of time they would have spent without explicit directions. In addition, good communication from the lower management level to the top one was essential in determining the rate of decision making. Availability of adequate information enabled the management to make the company decision without any delays thus increasing time management effectiveness.

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However, I observed that poor communication caused a lot of delays in almost all the departments in which I worked. In customer care department, poor clarification of information by the management wasted a lot of time on the movement to confirm some details. The same scenario was performed at the reception and sale department. Due to effective communication, there was proper time management and thus effectiveness in the company's operations. However, poor communication resulted in delays that lowered all the company's operations.

Team Building

Communication was critical in team building during my internship. It determined the way the employees within the organization related to each other. When I joined Gift Company, the employees shared their experiences and offered any assistance that I needed. The interaction was very critical as it introduced me to a friendly environment where I was free to operate and echo my opinions. Through this communication, most employees work together in a group assisting each other and lowering the excessive workload that may overwhelm some of them.

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Teamwork is always paramount to the effectiveness of the organizational activities. An organization that works in teams enable smooth operation of activities through assisting other and offering them support. Similarly, at Gift Company, all processes were carried out effectively through the active teamwork. Concerning the instances where I experienced poor communication, there was a reduction in the level of workers cooperation. The management always emphasized of building teamwork through effective communication, which was one of the company's core values. 

Employee Morale

Communication improved the employee morale at Gift Company as I observed during the internship. A good day for all staffs was characterized by a real recognition of their work by the top management. The latter used several means to communicate to the employees on how they felt about their jobs, which encouraged most of them to work even better than before. Moreover, appreciation from my industrial based supervisor through oral or emailed massage increased the ability to work better.

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In addition, good communication increased the respect between the employees and the management. The workers felt more appreciated by the top managers when they were consulted or involved in the critical issues. Therefore, respect created by real communication increased the morale of the employees. Consequently, improved morale resulted in better operations by the employees that increased the company effectiveness. However, I experienced some facts of poor communication between top management and the employees, namely there was a reduction in morale. Most employees felt unappreciated; thus, they were demotivated to work better. Consequently, the effectiveness of the company operation reduced though management did their best to avoid this scenario.

Problem Resolving and Barrier Eliminating

Communication increased the effectiveness of service at Gift Company by resolving all the conflicts and obstacles in operations. Similarly to any other institution where people interact, Gift Company experienced several conflicts during my internship period. They were either between the same level or different level employees. Despite the nature of the conflict, a unique characteristic was that they reduced the effectiveness of the company's operations. First, they lowered the level of cooperation between the staff demotivating most workers and crashing all the active teamwork operations. Moreover, they resulted in unnecessary delays due to limited information shared between the conflicting parties.

In addition, barriers of operations were present in the organization. The physical location of some customers reduced the active level of communication in the company hence reducing the company's effectiveness in delivering its services. Other barriers involved lack of precise understanding of operation in the organization. These walls acted as hindrances to the effectiveness of the company and eliminating them was a key goal of the company.

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