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Community Based Learning CBL Report


Sometimes, people get to be driven to do something unique that has an impact on society they come from. It is through these small self-driven initiatives that the world has changed to be a better place. This work looks into Found Animals organization and how it serves the community by taking care of pets and ensuring that they get the right treatment. This initiative of one person, Dr. Gary Michelson, has changed the way pets are perceived. It is an initiative that is both beneficial to both the pets and the people in the community.

Section 1: Organization/Job Information

A. Organization Name

 Found Animals

B. The Organization Sector and the Mission Statement

Found Animals is a non-profit organization that does everything possible within their capability to have pets kept in their homes.

  1. They operate different shelters that also serve as stores where they sell pet products and offer some of the animals for adoption for people who would wish to adopt them.
  2. The amount of money the organization receives from the shelters’ work is used to assist the pets.
  3. The organization operates a microchip & registration department.
  4. Additionally, they have a “hospital” for neutering the pets.

The company’s mission statement is ‘Saving pets. Enriching lives’. The organization’s employees love pets but they admit that pets are not the best judges for their own cause. This, of course, does not offend them, so there is no need to worry. Pets give people endless love, loyalty, compassion, and cuddles. In response, pet owners are obliged to provide their pets with protection, food and shelter, and they also should play with them. This is the reason why Found Animals has a mission of keeping pets in homes with people who show them the love and care they deserve.


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C. Members of the Organization (Employees and/or Volunteers) and the Customers


  1. Volunteers
  2. Employees


  1. Pet owners or those wishing to adopt pet(s).

D. The Size of the Organization

In 2015, the organization employed 70 staff members and had more than 600 active volunteers.

E. History of the Organization

The organization, Found Animals Foundation, was the creation of Dr. Gary Michelson in 2005. The initial purpose was to improve the lives of companion animals. Dr. Gary was inspired by the fact that after Hurricane Katrina, many people lost their pets. The organization has gone through a series of challenges and successes; by 2015, it had a 70 employees of personnel and over 600 hundred volunteers. Found Animals foundation is the team dedicated to accomplish the organization’s mission of saving pets and enriching their lives.

Section 2: Staffing

The following is the guide for the recruitment and selection of the staff and volunteers who wish to work at the organization:

A. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) and Educational/Experience Requirements for the Job at the Foundation

  • Employees should make a commitment of a minimum of 3 months of service at the foundation.
  • They should work for at least 8 hours per month.
  • The minimum age is 14 years.
  • Attendance of one of the orientations offered by the organization.

The process of hiring is a broad-skill scope selection process because it involves a good number of places from where the candidates come from.

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B. Recruitment Avenues for the Organization

There exist two avenues that the organization use to conduct recruitment of its employees. These include the following:

Recruitment Done Internally

  • Referrals of employees
  • Posting of job

Recruitment Done Externally

  • In-house recruiters.
  • Recruitment done through local advertisement:
  • Newspapers and multimedia advertisements
  • Internships.
  • Recruitment done in institutions.
  • Visiting candidates.

In this case, the organization follow a person-job fit for the position of interest. This is because the large number of workers is volunteers who most of the time are considered on the basis of their fitting to the job.

Assessing the recruitment & selection process        

The listing of the selection process:

  • Vacancy identification
  • Position description
  • Recruitment plan development
  • Search committee selection
  • Posting of recruitment plan
  • Applicants review and shortlisting
  • Interview
  • Selection

The organization needs to plan well for the recruitment process because it will determine its performance in future. The following are some of the processes that it can follow while doing the recruitment and selection. Firstly, it should identify the vacancy and perform an evaluation concerning its needs. Secondly, it needs to develop a description for the position through the identification of the job responsibilities, requirements, and preferred qualifications (Mügge 76). Thirdly, there is a need to develop a recruitment plan through the placement of goals among other essential activities. The fourth step for the organization to take is to select a search committee that will facilitate the whole process and prevent biases in the selection process.

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The fifth step is to have the position(s) posted for the implementation of the recruitment plan. The sixth step implies conducting a review of the applicants and developing a short list for the potential applicants. The sixth step is to have the actual interview conducted by the commissioned team. This process has to be thorough and strict for those who are given the chance to proceed to the next step. The eighth step is to have the selection of the qualified candidates for hire, and this is done by the committee that has conducted the interview by checking how the interviewee responded to the questions and used the right criteria to settle on the right candidates. The final step is to finalize the recruitment through the notification of all the interviewed applicants, both who have qualified and those who have not qualified (Mügge 76).   

Section 3: Training Needs Assessment

  1. The Training that the Organization Members Receive for This Position.

a. Content of Training

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The training for the handling of pets is a requirement for every member of the organization. These trainings will later form the employees’ job description and duties. The following activities involve the training that the members go through - grooming and bathing of the animals, disinfecting their cages as well as monitoring the health of the animals (Renninger, Hidi, and Krapp). Other trainings involve how to handle the customers well when serving them. Those being assigned to work in the veterinary clinic are taught how to administer medication to the animals and to improve the welfare of the animals.

b. Methods to Be Used for the Training

Training of the members of the organization is essential for various reasons as it helps them to be effective in everything involved in the Foundation. The appropriate training that the Foundation uses is the continuous learning by the members because not all of them are permanent. It involves them acquiring new skills on handling the pets as well as applying what they have learned during the operations ("UACC Theory Course”). The continuous learning process involves focusing on performance that further allows the members to have informal learning while handling the pets, go through formal training and development and finally managing their knowledge through the application of the techniques. 

  1. Organization Analysis

A. The Appropriateness of Training to the Members

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Given the organization’s mission of keeping pets in homes safely, it is not an easy job to do because of the challenges that the staff and the volunteers of the organization face. To avoid and overcome these challenges, the members of the organization need appropriate training for the staff for a smooth operation (“Animal Handling Technician”).

B. Resources Available for the Organization’s Operations

The organization has the required resources both in the financial terms and employees as ever since its start it has never collapsed and instead increased in size as well as supported other organizations dealing with pets (“Animal Handling Technician”).

C. Do You Believe that Supervisors and Executives/Directors Will Support a Training Effort?

The executives of the organization will support training for the other members because through the training, the goals and objectives are met. This essentially is the reason why the managers are there and by offering training support to the members, they also benefit in meeting the objectives.

  1. Needs Analysis

a. The Tasks that the Members Must Do in the Organization

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There are some tasks that the members need to perform. These are part of what they are being trained on (Found Animals). Some of these tasks involve pet handling, disinfecting their cages, and administering medication for them.

b. Performance Analysis

The members have little chances of having performance deficiency because of the kind of training that they go through (“UACC Theory Course”). These training are meant to inform them about the ways the handling of pets is done in the most effective way ("UACC Theory Course”).

c. What Is the Essential Knowledge that They Must Possess?

The whole organization deals with appropriate effective handling of pets. This forms the essential knowledge that the organization must possess so that they could be effective in the daily activities.

d. Appropriateness of the Knowledge to the Members

The members have the right and appropriate knowledge for the handling of pets because they have contributed in the driving of the organization ever since it was started.

  1. Person Analysis

D. Probable Reason for Performance Deficit

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If the performance of the members is deficient, the reason for this can found in the work design. This comes when the staff member or employee confuses the concept taught while applying the skills.

E. If This Is a Lack of KSAs, then which Individuals (Employees/Volunteers) Need Training? Answer The Following Questions:

1. Content for the Training

The appropriate content for the training includes the training of handling live animals for basic levels as well as performing surgery and injections for advanced level and animal methodology workshops.

2. One Method and the Reason for Selection

The method is animal methodology. This is training that involves the basics in handling many kinds of pet animals. This will ensure that anybody who goes through the course will be able to control almost all the pet animals in the Foundation.

F. If You Believe that This Performance Deficiency Is Due to a Lack of Motivation.

Appropriate motivation is “achievement motivation”. The theory of achievement motivation is one that is a determinant of aspiration, persistent and effort. This type of motivation is initiated when an individual or a group of people knows what they look for or where they are headed to as well as the results of the actions that they take (Renninger, Hidi, and Krapp). The goal of this theory is to perform well in whatever task one decides to perform. 

In the organization, to have the employees or the volunteers have the zeal to perform well in their assigned duties, there is a need to put in place some strategies of assisting to have them motivated (Renninger, Hidi, and Krapp). For example, there can be rewards for those who have exemplary performance. This will motivate them to put more effort in attaining the set goals and standards.    


This work has looked into the Found Animals organization that deals with the handling of pets. There has been an analysis of the Foundation regarding different aspects, including the employees and volunteers it has and the trainings that they go through before offering their services of handling pets. This organization has been of help to both the people and the pets in the community for a long time.



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