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External Recruitment

Every organization needs new people to come and bring new ideas. This way, it is necessary to recruit new talents and improve the company from within. There are various methods the company can recruit new employees. Some use internal recruitment, promoting people from certain positions to new ones. Nevertheless, more and more companies use external recruitment as a way to attract new employees and hire talented professionals.

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External recruitment means finding and hiring professionals from outside the company. These people could be recent graduates, unemployed, or even working for another company. The organization’s mission is to attract the best professionals and make these people become the employees of the company. This way, the company gets new workers, as well as competitive advantage comparing to other organizations.

There are various external recruitment methods. The first one is direct recruitment when the company states that it has an open vacancy and spreads this information among people in order to attract professionals. This method is very similar to advertising when the information about an open vacancy is being published in media (Marsden, 1994). Direct recruitment has certain advantages like creating equal opportunities for everybody. It is also the best one for attracting the biggest amount of potential employees. Nevertheless, it has some disadvantages like the one that it may be very difficult to monitor these potential employees and check the information they are presenting about themselves. Basically, this method attracts the biggest amount of people, and it is not always good for the company. Nevertheless, the future carries many changes and challenges for this method (Breaugh, 2008). For example, one thinks this method will not be used in the future when people have access to LinkedIn or can get recommendations from various employers about their ex-employees. Hence, this method will evolve in the future, so it would be possible to sift potential candidates.

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There is another method of external recruitment such as employment agencies. Basically, this method allows a company to contact certain agencies which have a database of potential employees. The company is able to choose the best candidates who suit certain positions and invite them for an interview. This method has a very big advantage like the fact that it provides employers with checked information about the potential employees, and hiring managers can trust this information. Nevertheless, there is a disadvantage because the employer gets a chance to choose from a limited amount of people. Obviously, not everybody has his/ her information in employment agency, and that is why it is impossible for the company to pick the best employees within a certain community or territory. One also believes that this method will not be used widely in the future due to development of professional workers, where it is easy to find suitable employees and possible to check whether they are being honest by speaking to their ex-employers on the same websites.

The third method is about hiring recent graduates. It includes college recruitment and job fairs. The company goes to a university where it may organize a forum or a round table in order to speak with future professionals, analyze and evaluate their skills and attract the best ones to the company. This method has a disadvantage because the organization does not always get the best employees in recent graduates who may have little practical skills in a chosen field. Nevertheless, this method has a strong advantage of recruiting young and aspiring workers who are able to learn quickly and will be loyal to the company that took a risk and hired young professionals. One believes that this method has a bright future because it is only logical for companies to hire young professionals getting the newest information from universities. Also, one thinks that this method will be used in future because it provides the companies with the ability to train the future employees, beginning from university education.

Internship is a fourth external recruitment method. One finds it to be almost flawless. Basically, potential employees are being trained so the employers are able to test their abilities and pick the best ones. Internship allows preparing employees for the job and seeing whether they meet the requirements and are motivated and talented enough for the job. One believes that this method will evolve and will be widely used in future because many companies like Apple and Goggle organize internships in order to find the best workers. This way, both Apple and Google are able to analyze the potential candidates in the actual working environment.

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The fifth external recruitment is casual callers. It means hiring people who have applied before but for some reason did not get a job. This method is beneficial because an employer already knows whom he/ she is talking to, since he or she has a significant knowledge about the candidate. Nevertheless, this method has a disadvantage because the company hires people who may not be actually that good. After all, if they did not get the job during their first try, then there must be something missing in their skills or motivation. One thinks that this method is good because it gives a company a good base of people willing to get a job. One would recommend using it in the future because a potential applicant could have had improved over the time and learned more things in order to become a good worker. One can think of various examples when applicants received jobs in a certain company only few months or even years after they applied because during their first try, the company could not offer them the jobs they wished.

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