Induction Report: Induction Form

My induction period has been very productive given the amount of consideration I have been getting from the management and the rest of the staff. In my new work place, everyone is very helpful with any information and I have been able to work in various capacities within the hotel. Other than the expected front office, housekeeping, sales and marketing, I have also been able to work in service provision, thus getting an all-round firsthand experience in hospitality management. I have learnt a lot from my work here given the fact that it is a busy environment with diverse circumstances that require quick thinking and decision-making. The past three months have also been very challenging considering that I had to learn fast in order to avoid inconveniencing the hotel’s management. In order to fit in, I have had to dedicate myself to the project given that I could not be a burden to the company. Thus, the experience has been great and rather flawless in terms of my expectations.  I look forward to an extensive learning experience during this project given that the start has been very fruitful so far.

Question 2

My expectation was to work long hours and face challenges every other moment given the dynamic nature of the hotel environment. Dealing with new clients all the time presents new challenges for every case; thus, I was expecting to be bombarded with such serious challenges in this hotel. However, I have learnt that the challenges are not as tough as I had expected. There have been challenges and conflicts, but all these were resolved amicably. The clients here are very accommodative when a problem arises, and I believe they make this place a haven for the hotel staff.

Question 3

My first learning objective was to be able to work and learn independently with minimal supervision. So far, I have been able to perform all my designated duties and responsibilities without follow up by my supervisors. I have also managed to excel in the tasks without depending on the supervisors and managers for guidance. This is how I know that I have achieved this learning objective. In terms of acting like a professional, I can say that I have been able to achieve this objective given the appraisals that I got from my supervisors. My dedication to ethical conduct and company policies in terms of roles and responsibilities is outstanding based on the comments of my superiors. As for following up on unfinished tasks, I have learnt that in most cases, it is much better to set realistic goals and, thus, finish up all the tasks that I set out on. I may, thus, still need to work on the unfinished tasks given my current preoccupation with finishing all my duties within the set time. In addition, I have learnt to be well organized in what I do. My work in housekeeping requires a strict schedule, and I have been able to plan the work effectively for fruitful results at all times. I know this because I have been timing myself with respect to my schedule and I believe I am improving drastically in the organization department. According to these considerations, I believe I am on my way to having the best learning experience possible seeing as my learning objectives are almost all checked already.

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Question 4

No, I did not formulate any new learning objectives.

Question 5


Working in a busy hotel environment implies that there are times when I have to make decisions on the spot. This means that I cannot always rely on my supervisor but rather that I have to be decisive when faced with a complex situation. This core quality has enabled me to be a significant member of the staff at Torch Hotel based on my ability to think directly while performing tasks.


In some circles, this is considered a challenge. But in the hospitality industry, dealing with different situations implies that one cannot always rely on the operations manual. Some situations need to be tackled immediately based on one’s knowledge and experience in the matter. I am proud of myself since I am able to come up with solutions to the random problems that I encounter in my line of duty at the hotel. My creativity has enabled me to find a way out of challenges that are otherwise insurmountable, to the amusement of my supervisors at the hotel.      

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What Are the Challenges you Have Encountered?

So far, I have had two challenges, namely patience and consistency. Working in a busy hotel environment, there are times when I have very much to do within a very short time. The need for team efforts implies that I often have to wait for the rest of the hotel staff to accomplish their part of the task before I can start mine. This is often a challenge as I feel like I am being dragged behind by the weight of the team. To handle this challenge, I often offer help when I can so that we can all move forward at a good pace. Regarding consistency, I work in three different departments, and recently I also added on the service department as my new responsibility. This means that there are times when it is seemingly impossible to do things consistently as I want to learn more within my working hours at the hotel.

Question 7

Company Culture

The company culture at Torch Hotel is based on the concept of empowerment in terms of decision making and problem solving. Being a sport based hotel, the company invests in the staff; as a result, they have created a culture in which everyone knows their place and worth to the organization, thus making them invaluable assets.

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Have You Settled In Well In The Company? Please Elaborate

Yes, I have settled in well in the company. Initially, I was worried that I would be the outsider here, but I have so far managed to settle in well and even make friends with the staff and the customers. I am currently considered as a good team player, and I can say I have adjusted quite well considering how hard it is to settle in as an intern in a competent and renowned organization such as this one. I feel at ease here, and I believe that my work is also as highly appreciated as my efforts.

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