PMI Standards

This paper describes the importance of applying PMI standards to the project management process of any organization and focuses on the defining of nine main project management knowledge areas pointed in the “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge” issued by the Project Management Institute (2008).

As it is stated by the Project Management Institute (2008), “project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements” (p. 6). With the aim to manage a particular project the most efficiently, it is necessary to distinguish nine knowledge areas: project integration management, project scope management, time management, cost management, quality management, human resource management, communication management, risk management, and procurement management.

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It should be stated that project integration management is a process that includes activities required to define, unify, coordinate and combine numerous project management activities within five project management process groups – initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. It includes project chart developing, project management plan creating, the project execution managing and directing, project work controlling and monitoring, integrated change control performing, project closing or formal completing of the project (Project Management Institute, 2008).

Project scope management processes include defining the list of works that will be carried out during the project execution. In particular it comprises requirements collection, project’s scope defining, WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) developing, a scope of the project, verifying and controlling (Project Management Institute, 2008).

Project time management processes comprise processes needed to accomplish the project on time. They include the necessity of activities defining, identifying the interrelation of all activities of the project in the form of the sequence activities qualifying, activity resources and activity duration estimating, project’s schedule developing and controlling (Project Management Institute, 2008).

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It is necessary to point out that under the project cost management it is implied to accomplish the processes relating to the budgeting project costs. With the aim the project will be completed within the planned budget. This project management knowledge area includes determination of the project’s budget, estimation and control of the project’s costs (Project Management Institute, 2008).

Project quality management includes processes to assure that the requirements and expectations set before the start of the project will be met and are comprised of the quality requirements estimation and planning, quality assurance and quality control performing (Project Management Institute, 2008).

Project human resource management is an identification of the project’s team, their roles and responsibilities. Development of the human resource management plan, gathering of a highly professional team and its management are included in this area (Project Management Institute, 2008).

Project communications’ management processes are required to collect, store, distribute, retrieve and dispose project’s information timely and appropriately. It is necessary to identify project’s stakeholders to manage and meet their expectations, communications plan development, information distribution and performance reporting (Project Management Institute, 2008).

The main goals of the project’s risk management are identification of the possible risks, their management and response planning. This area includes qualitative and quantitative risk’s analysis, risk response’s planning, and risk’s monitoring and controlling (Project Management Institute, 2008).

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“Project procurement management includes the contract management and change control processes required to develop and administer contracts or purchase orders issued by authorized project team members” (Project Management Institute, 2008, p. 407).

Zwikael (2009) underlines that all nine of the PMBOK Guide's knowledge areas are critical to a successful accomplishment of the project. The author argues that with the aim to consider each detail of the future project, project manager should systematize all the data given and predict additional information and obstacles which are applying knowledge of the above mentioned nine areas. 

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