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Program Development and Improvement

Job Description of a Preceptor Instructor in the Nursing Faculty

General Statement about the Job

It is a full-time job and the holder will be a senior faculty member with decision-making and supervisory roles, together with those of instructing new and old students. He/she is responsible for ensuring the fulfillment of all educational needs, goals, and objectives of the program in relation to the set standards and rules of the American Nursing Association. The holder of this position must exhibit leadership skills in work-based and academic based areas including frequent meeting with students, planning and executing educational programs. Other areas will include setting and admitting exams, and evaluating the students’ performance, making reports, and designing motivational programs for students.

Main Responsibilities

  1. Participating in the development of curriculum and instructional guides for the faculty
  2. Evaluate the instructional needs of new and old students in the program and assist in coordinating the creation of work plan to meet the identified needs
  3. Assist in teaching courses that are assigned to them by the faculty head in line with their experiences and expertise.
  4. In collaboration with other faculty members, carry out an annual evaluation of the core curriculum, assess the effectiveness of the faculty to meet emerging needs, and make reports.
  5. Participate in identifying suitable candidates for hiring and recruitment by the faculty and across the institution.
  6. Participate in the coordination of distant and online classes as well as double credit continuing educational classes for employees of the institution.
  7. Ensure high quality assurance by the institution and ensure compliance with the standards and regulations.

Position Requirements

The holder of this position will meet the below minimum qualifications:

  1. A member of the faculty who is qualified to teach any given course in the program.
  2. Has to have a Bachelor’s degree in subjects identified as relevant from a university recognized by the regulating bodies.
  3. The candidates will have an additional advantage based on whether they have a Master’s degree in nursing.
  4. They should have 3 years’ experience in college or lower institution teaching nursing courses, or same experience duration working in a community college.
  5. Have outstanding communication skills, report writing, problem-solving, a track record of leadership.

Candidate Selection Process for a Nursing Faculty Position

The selection process for a suitable candidate will meet the minimum qualifications that will be set by the selection committee. The qualification will be consistent with the job description, the responsibilities outlined in the advertisement, and the available tools for evaluating the candidate’s performance. The search committee will also establish timelines to coincide with the advertisement. It will be done in accordance with the available resources and the search plan outlines. In case of changes in the advertisement for the position, the changes must be reflected in the advertisements and these must be approved by the regulating bodies and the institution’s standards (Masters, 2014).


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The selection committee will prepare the questions that the candidates will be asked and they must be consistent with the job description and the responsibilities of the preferred candidate.

Specific Questions

  1. Let us know your academic background and your experience throughout the learning process.
  2. What reason can you give for your choice to specialize in this specific area and not any other?
  3. When did you complete your bachelor’s degree?
  4. Tell us about your undergraduate research project and any other scholarly work you may have published? What were the main findings in your published work/s?
  5. Have you had experience in clinical nursing in the past? Why do you want to leave your current place of work?
  6. What experiences and skills do you bring to this organization?

Open-Ended Questions to be Asked

  1. What were the major achievements in the last position? What approach did you take in dealing with the challenges that you encountered when working on those achievements?
  2. How will you contribute to the objectives of the institution if you are hired for this position?
  3. What are your expectations for this position in terms of salary, motivation, and other incentives?

Faculty Retention Plan

The American Health Care Association indicated in the survey report that the turnover in the nursing industry has dropped in the recent years. Conversely, the healthcare quality has increased in the last five years as reported by the Nursing Home Compare (Huber, 2013). The decreased turnover is due to recessionary conditions whereby few jobs are available for nurses. As such, they opt to stay in their present work place even though the conditions might not be favorable (Flynn & Stack, 2006). The retention plan should assist the institution to retain its skilled workforce not just because there are no alternatives but because the working conditions are good. These conditions range from salaries and motivations to human relations in the place of work. Small issues, such as poor communication by the management, can lead to high employee turnover if the communication plan is not implemented well (Oermann & Gaberson, 2007).

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The retention plan will focus on the areas that ensure high performance by staff and satisfaction through a supportive working environment. In order to have a high retention rate, the retention plan will have the following objectives:

  1. To systematically monitor the decision-making process in the institution to eliminate bias and allow all staff to have equal opportunities.
  2. To establish transparency in doing activities through information sharing with all staff.
  3. To create a working environment that supports everyone in their work.
  4. To establish reward mechanism for staff who show outstanding performance in their work.
  5. To support individual upward development and professional achievement.
  6. To motivate the staff on a regular basis with incentives such as salary adjustments, promotions, mentors, education support.



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