Risk Assessment


In each workplace, employers have a common duty to guarantee the health and safety of workers in every aspect related to work. The intention of performing a risk assessment is to facilitate a worker to take the necessary measures for the health and safety protection of staff (Ostrom & Whilhelmsen, 2012). These measures comprise providing information to employees, avoidance of professional risks, providing training to staff, as well as providing a company with the means to apply the necessary measures.

Whilst the idea of risk assessment incorporates the impediment of professional risks, which is the goal of the risk assessment practice, it will not always be easy to put in practice. The risks need to be reduced and the remaining risks should be controlled if the full abolition of the existing risks is not achievable. Afterwards, as a part of an evaluation curriculum, such enduring risk will be reconsidered and the option of riddance of the risk can be also reassessed (Otto & Douglas, 2010).

Therefore, the new employee of the company, Jonathan Douglas, needs to be assessed for a risk category. Within the first month of his work at the company, the above mentioned employee demonstrated quick-temper character and conflict behavior. Obviously, there is the great necessity to perform a risk assessment in order to keep the working atmosphere friendly and prevent issues, which may have negative impact on the company’s reputation and staff performance.

Risk Assessment

As a result of the behavior that was demonstrated by the employer, the risk assessment team decided on the following questions about him:

  1. Have you ever noticed any intentions from Jonathan Douglas to harm others?
  2. Have you ever noticed any anger issues from your colleague? If so, describe them, please.
  3. Do you think that the employee has any bent to violence?
  4. What are your relationships with the employee? Do you communicate and co-operate normally?
  5. Have you ever had any stressful or conflict situations with the employee?
  6. Have you noticed anything strange about Jonathan’s habits or behavior that can harm others?

As a result of the survey, all of the surveyed employees answered that they have never noticed any intentions of Mr. Douglas to harm others physically. As they stated, Jonathan tends to spur others with some harsh words and is rather hot-tempered. According to the employees’ answers, there were some issues of anger; however, they were not too threatening. Jonathan only yielded at his colleague and banged the door once. In fact, there were no threats addressed to any of his colleagues. No employee of the Jonathan’s team thinks that he has bent to violence. The people stated that he is a bit nervous but not violent. The answers to the fourth question were rather predictable – all of the employees claimed that it is rather difficult to co-work with Mr. Douglas due to the hasty nature of his character. They said that Jonathan cannot find any compromise in stressful and controversial situation. Besides, he always thinks that he is right. Four of seven employees who work in one team with Douglas stated that they had a conflict situation with him. Regarding his habits and behavior, the staff claimed that there is nothing that can harm people physically; however, there is no pleasure to argue with people like Jonathan.

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In addition to the above mentioned questions to the company staff, there was a range of questions to Jonathan Douglas, as well:

1. Do you have any plan to climb the career ladder?

Jonathan has no specific plan to help him climb the career ladder. He believes that a good employee who works hard and demonstrates his/ her readiness to perform complex task is enough to receive a promotion from the boss.

2. What means do you use in order to implement your plan, if any?

His general means is to be better than others, though these methods may be sometimes not quite tolerant towards other employees. In other words, the promotion for Jonathan is more important than good relations with his colleagues.

3. What is the ideation of your acts?

All his acts have the logical explanation, but sometimes, in very stressful situations, Jonathan may act irrational. He may abuse a close friend, though, later he always feels sorry about that.

4. Have you ever experienced alcohol or drugs addiction?

Jonathan has never experienced any kind of alcohol or drugs addiction. However, he says that he likes to have a glass of whisky after a hard day. Moreover, on Friday, he usually visits the local bar to relax and forget about the problems that he has in his everyday life.

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5. Have you ever experienced paranoia?

He stated that he never had any kind of mental diseases, including paranoia or schizophrenia. The acts of panic happened a few times, but Jonathan does not believe that it can be somehow connected with paranoia’s symptoms.

6. Have you ever suffered from any form of psychosis?

No, there was no sort of psychos. Jonathan experienced hard times because his job can get very stressful. Nevertheless, the nervous behavior was a temporary phenomenon without any consequences for people who surround him.

7. Do you collect weapons?

Jonathan says that he does not have weapon collections, but he likes weapons very much. He has a friend with whom he shoots the bottles once in a month or less frequently.

8. Do you have any weapons at home? Which ones?

Few months his friend sold him his old colt and now Jonathan has his own weapon.

9. What makes you show your temper?

His temper is noticeable during the complicate work when Jonathan needs to be concentrated on his duties. He becomes very strict and straightforward in order to perform the targeted goals on time and on high level.

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10. Which situations can evoke anger or rage in you?

Injustice is the main factor which makes to demonstrate his temper openly to others. Jonathan cannot stand when somebody treats him dishonestly. In such a case, he can be very rude and impolite and make a person feel guilty.



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