Risk Management of Outdoor Sports

At any sport tournament, there are both primary and secondary industries that have to be incorporated so as to make the tournament a success. The participants will have to be physically fit and generally healthy so as to perform their roles as expected. As a planner, you should plan for all the industries that should be involved before the tournament. One should find the means of transport that will enable the participants to travel to the ground without difficulty. The means of transport will also facilitate the returning of the participants to their homes.

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In the preparation of the tournament, one should also plan for health facilities. Health officers should be present at the tournament ground as they play a major role in times of injuries. Security personnel should be located at certain points in the ground so as to monitor the activities in the field and easily intervene when required. They should be fully equipped and have communication gadgets so that they can be called for more support when the danger is extreme.

Some of the risks that may occur involve weather, health dangers, lack of food or transport. The risk of bad weather would hinder the tournament in a situation where rain pours heavily causing the postponing of the event. Rain can cause mud hence further hindering the occurrence of the tournament. This risk can be avoided by forecasting and predicting the weather so as to plan the tournament on the best day without weather disturbance. The risk of the lack of transport can affect the tournament whereby the participants and the tournament officials arrive to the ground late due to poor transport planning. This may lead to the delaying of the tournament and the participants losing morale of the activity or rescheduling of the tournament leading to financial loss. This risk can be addressed by planning in advance and identifying the means of transport to be used on that day (Appenzeller, 2005).

Crimes may occur during the tournament. This risk can be avoided by planning for security personnel in the tournament ground. These personnel will ensure law and order. The security officers should be placed at strategic points where they can directly view every activity going on in the field. This will reduce events of theft in the ground. Crimes may cause fear among the fans and the participants and may also lead to the loss of important tournament materials thus bringing the tournament to the end (Appenzeller, 2005).

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Food and water should be supplied in time if the tournament is to last for several days. This risk can be avoided by arrangement and transportation of the materials before the beginning of the tournament. This makes everything arranged by the day of the tournament. The lack of food and water can affect the participant’s performance hence lowering the quality of the event.

Regarding functionalism and its role, we can start by defining its general principles. Functionalism argues that it is possible to understand the culture without focusing on the culture’s history as a core concern. It focuses on the functions that a culture’s interrelated parts perform. To have the understanding of a given scenario, one should understand the scenario itself (Glendon, & Stanton, 2000). In our case, we can be able to see the problem involved in a sporting activity like softball with centering our attention on the sport itself. This is from the fact that most of the problems witnessed like weather have external instigation. Therefore, for us to know foresee problems before they happen, we ought to focus on the problems themselves without looking at the sport. This would enable us to understand the issues better and be fully equipped to face them in case of their occurrence.

In a sporting activity, conflicts may arise in case of a failure related to the event planning. In such a scenario, different parties will be found pointing fingers at their counterparts and blaming them for such a failure. This may affect the image of the event given as we will have each of the parties attempting to paint itself clean (Appenzeller, 2005). This may also be a challenge to the general organization of the event, and the result will be a failure. It is, therefore, advisable to also see the major areas where conflict may arise and appropriately handle them for the success of sporting activities.

However, with the incorporation of such measures, there are also external factors that may undermine the event as a whole. In our case, we can talk of individuals, groups or organizations, for example, management of opponent groups. Such scenario occurs in a case whereby such groups want to stay at the top as far as the sports activities are concerned. Others may include the authorities that may be having a relationship with the activity. Such authorities may form regulations which may be too strict to be met by the sports stakeholders and in the long run undermine the planning of such events.

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On the other hand, such events may become very memorable in cases where icons like players or participants with excellent skills are part of the sporting team. This is from the fact that they show excellent performance for their teams. Other icons may include committed sponsors who are ready to support the activity, for example, in terms of resources for the organization of the activity. Other icons may also include knowledgeable trainers as far as the sporting activity is concerned. We can, therefore, conclude by stating that sporting activities can be monitored and organized appropriately regardless of the challenges that may exist as it is possible to overcome such limitations.

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