Team Building

1. The course allowed getting an insight into the main peculiarities of team building and teamwork. First, it explained that team building and teamwork are different concepts, which have a different nature. That is the reason these two categories require special attention. Team building refers to formation of groups, while teamwork centers on functions of the group and the main direction of its activity. This difference is important. It sets the perception of each concept. Teamwork, in its turn, is the activity of the group; it includes cooperation and communication of members. The effectiveness of teamwork depends on the set of the following categories: skills, experience, personal traits, communication channels, defined leadership, and defined patterns of decision-making (Levi, 2014). At the same time, team members should know what their role and duty within the team is. It helps to establish effective cooperation and functioning. Secondly, another insight gained through the course regards commitment of team members. It was surprising to know that it is necessary to make sure that every team member is not only aware of his duty, but also is committed to the both company’s and group’s missions. That is the reason it is important to make sure that all members are interested in achieving group’s and company’s goals. Thirdly, it was surprising to know that effective teamwork can become a step forward to the revolutionary changes within the company. Employees working together create an effective machine, which can bring the company to the new level of development.

The course helped to apply theory into practice and see the motives of colleagues. It became obvious why some projects were not successful. However, the course made it possible to notice personal gaps in the process of effective teamwork. It was surprising to know that personal skills are not enough for the increase in productivity of the whole team. That is why it clarified the point about penetrating the whole team with the same set of skills and behavioral patterns. Information given in the course helped to see personal mistakes and establish a new way of cooperation and communication within teams.

2. Team building styles vary, but it is obvious that every person has his/her own style when it comes to interactions with other people. After taking into consideration all information from the course, it became obvious that I have a participative leadership style. It is an effective approach towards team building. It helps to ensure that all team members know their role and responsibilities regarding performance within a team. It is a fact that participative leadership style has many benefits as it can transform the performance of the whole company. It can become a boost of the company’s development as long as it helps to create effective cooperation of employees. In addition, participative leadership style helps to enhance personal communicative skills. While working in a team, I prefer to ensure that everyone follows instructions, rules and fulfills responsibilities. This style gives an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of team member’s cooperation. It can help to bring the company’s performance to the new level of development. However, my personal team building has not always been perfect. There was a diversity of challenges regarding communication and performance issues. However, effective socializing and performance for the sake of the team’s and company’s success changed my team building style. One of the main strengths of the style is that it helps to ensure that all team members perform according to their instructions. For example, when the company gives a task to managers from different departments to increase sales, every manager creates his/her team within the department. In this case, participative leadership style helps to boost the process of goal achievement. It is also essential to heighten the process of personal skills enhancement. It will help to build patterns of interactions with other team members and employees. Finally, it will enhance team building and communication within a group. It will only help to build a strong system of communication channels with colleagues.

3. Performance in a team is not an easy task for both a leader and a team member. Leadership and team building have a similar nature, which results in facing common obstacles in the process of interaction with other employees. Obviously, it is always a challenge to adjust to the team and outline its primary functions. The main obstacle in teamwork was communication barriers. There were cases when a team had the diversity of misunderstanding and problems, which resulted in misinterpretation of the group’s goals. It was hard to work in a team where nobody could clearly understand his duties and responsibilities. However, it is not enough to build a team, it is important to create a basis for interaction inside of the team. In addition, another obstacle was the lack of motivation. When a group is working on a global project, it can become a challenge to complete it with the same level of energy. At the beginning of the project, team members are willing to work together and strive for success. However, when there is a long-term project, it is hard to perform with the same intensity until the end. The challenge increases when group members work in the same environment and create the spirit of the group (Straw, 2002). In order to avoid these problems in the future, it is important to take some advice from the course. It is essential to remember that effective teamwork depends not only on the set of personal skills, but on the behavioral patterns of every team member. It is necessary to make sure that every team member is loyal enough to create a comfortable atmosphere for communication and effective performance. At the same time, it is necessary to integrate teamwork with situational leadership theories. Effective adherence to the changeable environment of the company will benefit the performance of the whole team. In addition, it is necessary to motivate the group of employees throughout project accomplishment.

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