Attributes to a Good Research Questions

In recent years, considerable amount of research has been conducted in the field of obesity and diabetes. Various risk factors of diabetes were studied, and their linkage to the healthy way of life and obesity in adults was identified.  Obesity in adults and diabetes still remain one of the primary concerns for the medical professionals worldwide.

Many countries have already placed obesity and diabetes into the list of primary healthcare problems. However, due to the fact that the past research demonstrates little practical application for the solutions to the problems, recommendations about coping with obesity and diabetes risks should be developed.

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The key question is the implementation of these recommendations and controlling the implementation process at all levels. Many institutions tend to use the information in accordance to their rules and regulations, but they seldom fully follow the proposed guidelines. That is why the problems of obesity and diabetes, despite the considerable past research findings of the potential risk factors avoidance still lack practical implementation control.

This research is gap is also typical for other healthcare problems. As Blazer (2007) notes, the problem for a good research is not the objectives, but the research questions that are asked in order to reach research objectives. At the same time, research questions should be corresponding to a number of criteria which shows that they are capable of helping the research reach the necessary results. In this case, the hypothesis itself is a product of research questions, and it demonstrates their advantages or disadvantages.

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One of the factors which is usually associated with research questions is adequateness of the research question. In a recent study by Chien et al. (2006), many inadequately asked research questions were identified, and the recommendations for their improvement were proposed together with corrections.

As obesity and diabetes are both the problems of healthy lifestyle and informed individuals, both these categories need to be included in the research questions. This helps developing the focus of the research question. Both informed individuals and healthy lifestyle perception are the two core concepts of the research question. Without these two core concepts, research question will not be adequate and will not fully address research purpose and its objectives (Newton, Bower & Williams, 2004).

Therefore, the research question for obesity and diabetes risk will be based on controlling the implementation of the findings of past research in terms of two concepts: healthy lifestyle perception and informed individuals. Both concepts are correlated which increases the feasibility of the research questions. The core meaning of the research is to identify those areas which hinder the implementation of the research recommendations in the field of obesity and diabetes and to align these areas with the perception of an individual towards healthy lifestyle and the levels of knowledge about the problem.

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Relevance of the research question is addressed through its ability to provide positive results of research and help reach the true purpose of the research. Therefore, finding what happens with the implementation of the proposed guidelines for obesity and diabetes risk prevention in various institutions via means of informed individuals and addressing their healthy lifestyle perception brings relevance to the research together with novelty.

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