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Blood Donation

Blood is a human living tissue that consists of red cells (erythrocytes), white cells (leukocytes), plasma and platelets (thrombocytes). Each component has its own function which is significant for existence itself. “Researchers are working on ways to develop an artificial blood, but so far there's no universally accepted replacement for human blood”. (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2012). Inability to replace blood with any other equally-designed agent explains vital necessity of blood donation. It remains one of the most important lifesaving factors. We do hope that the present speech about the importance of blood donation, its process and benefits will encourage you to taking a decision to donate your blood. “The World Health Organization established World Blood Donor Day on the 14th of June for the reason to promote and advertise blood donation”. Sharing the knowledge about blood donation and promoting it, we want to make our modest contribution in this act.

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Blood is responsible for delivering “oxygen, nutrients, and other substances to tissues throughout the body” (Kleinman, 2013). It is in great demand by thousands of sick people and the ones who have become victims of some tragic accidents. “Every day in the U.S., approximately 44,000 units of blood are required in hospitals and emergency treatment facilities.” (AABB, 2013). Regular blood donation can completely satisfy the existing blood requirements. Availability of donated blood is rather critical for individuals who have had substantial blood loss caused by accidents or surgery. It is also required by people "who have become severely anemic or have dangerously-low platelet counts because of certain medical conditions and/or treatments”. (Kleinman, 2013). Nowadays many cancerous diseases are curable, but in major cases donated blood can be strongly required. During some cancerous operations blood requirement reaches 20 liters and it can only be provided by donors. Blood transfusions are used for supporting the immune system of a patient during chemotherapy. Blood transfusion is obligatory during certain hematological illnesses, infections, liver failure or severe burns, blood disorders, severe liver malfunction. Donated blood has to be available at the beginning of the treatment or operation. Any delay at this stage can be fatal for a patient. The blood bank enables to treat effectively without losing valuable time. Everybody of us can easily become such an investor and deposit one’s blood for giving a chance to somebody.  Blood bank must be constantly refilled because lack of it can cause unnecessary casualties. Sometimes donated blood is the only option for survival or recovery.

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Blood donation is one of the ways to help or to save somebody's life. It refers to voluntary acts, when one donates one's own blood or its components for further transfusion to other people who need it badly. Also, it can be used for production of some medical drugs. Here, we have emphasized the significance and vital necessity of blood donation in general.

The word donor originates from a Latin word “donare” meaning to gift. Blood donation is an easy way to gift life to somebody. Though, despite the voluntary donation and even paid one, doctors along with their patients may constantly experience blood shortage. “With an aging population and advances in medical treatments and procedures requiring blood transfusions, the demand for blood continues to increase.” (AABB, 2013). More above, not everybody can become a donor because of definite medical restrictions. The restrictions primarily relate to age and health status. If a person is eligible and does not have any medical precautions, then it is one’s moral obligation to donate blood for somebody’s sake. Imagine a child or any other close relative demands blood; would you hesitate to become a donor? Would any fears or reluctance stop you? Suppose the reply will be no.

Blood donation is a simple procedure for the ones who is willing to become a donor, but it is totally different meaning in the lives of others.  According to American Red Cross, it takes approximately 8-10 minutes, and a potential donor has to go through 4 stages. This short path can separate somebody from death. These four stages are as follows: registration with appropriate documents’ presentation and enrolling information inside the donor’s database; complete questionnaire regarding one’s health status and medical history along with mini-physical examination and checking pulse, temperature, blood pressure, hemoglobin level in the blood. The next step is donation itself which, as a rule, lasts 8-10 minutes, and the last stage is refreshments which can help the one to come back to normal daily activities. Blood donation should not be harmful either to a donor or to a recipient. Besides, donating blood can be even healthy and useful for the donors themselves, as far as it helps to prevent heart attacks, blood strokes, regulate the iron concentration in the blood and favor to the body’s regeneration.

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Having highlighted the blood donation aspects, we once again make the accent on the necessity of donation for saving other people’s lives. Your contribution is important and significant for healthy blood supply. It does not take too much time, and it does not consume a lot of energy, but it can bring somebody either recovery, or life, or at least hope. Your own deed may be an example for others and encourage them to become donors. Donating blood is the easiest way to become life-gift givers. Do not miss this chance!

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