Healing Hospital Paradigm

A hospital serves as a healing care service provider and mainly focuses on the provision of quality health care to patients from the love perspective. Healing hospitals focus on the traditional model that solely concentrated on the provision of care and love to the patient. Love and care act as the basic element of the patient healing process. Healing process is marginally different from the normal hospital (Lysaught, 2012). Normal hospital mainly provides medical care to the patient through the use of measures that promote patients recovery through prescription of medication. However, in healing hospital, health care to the patient is provided through the application of a healing process that emphasis on the provision of a risk free environment to the patient. It mainly uses the concept of love to facilitate the healing process. The integral component of the paradigm of healing hospital is often eradication of the environmental factors that lead to slowing down of patient recovery from an illness. The model of healing hospital model is founded on the belief that patient exposure to unfavorable setting leads to stress, as well as health risks.

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In the healing hospital paradigm, the three main components of the healing hospital are usually included. These components include the culture of fundamental love, healing physical environment, and combination of technology and design.  The healing physical environment component focuses on the provision of healthy, clean and good-looking environment to the patient. In addition, it ensures that the patient reside in a clean, tidy and well ventilated environment (Lysaught, 2012). This ensures that the patient lives in a risk free environment that facilitates the recovery process. The component not only focuses on providing the patient with stress free environment alone, but also the caregivers. This ensures that the caregiver provided the utmost care and love, and effectively engages with the patient and family members during the healing process.

From a spiritual perspective, the components of the healing physical environment are all founded on the foundation of Christianity, which upholds the concept of equality among all human beings. Therefore, all human deserves fairly treatment, and with equal dignity irrespective of their socio–economic status. Healing hospitals usually maintains the human dignity through ensuring that all patients are provided with favorable environment that enhances the recovery process (Faass, 2001). For instance, in the Mercy Gilbert Medical Center, this component is usually proved through the provision of a quiet setting that supports patient healing process. It also provides a calm environment that supports a formation of a risk free environment for the medical physician and other medical staffs to provide supportive care to patients.

The technology and work design component entail making use of medical personnel with accredited credentials necessary to provide holistic and quality care to the patient. The healing Hospital paradigm requires the medical service provider to have a servant heart orientated to serving others (Faass, 2001). This means that she/he needs to exercise patience and empathy towards the patient. In addition, the model emphasis on the need make more effort to ensure that the patient’s needs are met. In terms of technology, healing hospital provides the best technology to its staffs. This enables the caregiver to serve the patients more effectively while maintaining their dignity and privacy.

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The component of radical loving and care entails provision of holistic care to the patient in the healing hospital. This component is crucial in the healing process since it forms the foundation of formation of the healing medical centers. Caregivers are usually obliged to show love and compassion to the patients. Besides, the paradigm of the healing hospital outlines that all hospital staffs also needs to show love and compassion to each other and above all to oneself. This component is founded on the biblical teaching about the Ten Commandments. In the bible, Jesus emphasized a lot about the importance of the second greatest commandment of love to the neighbor as one love her/himself (Brown & Porter-O'Grady, 2006).

It is evident that the paradigm of healing hospital components is founded on the teaching of the Jesus Christ about love and compassion toward others. In the book of Mathew, Jesus taught about the importance of being caring and loving to our neighbors as we love ourselves. In his teaching, Jesus implied that love and compassion to be the pillar of goodness for all humans in the world. Thus, through showing love and compassion to all, the healing hospital   has been able to bring happiness to its patients, staffs, family members, and the entire society. In his parable of Good Samaritan, Jesus emphasized on the importance of serving others with a compassionate and loving heart (Brown & Porter-O'Grady, 2006). On the basis of his teaching, hospital personnel in the healing hospital are usually able to provide all-inclusive  to all patient with no regard to the amount of effort applied while provide medical care. Spiritual approach in health care delivery ensures that the patient is served heartily and diligently in the healing hospital.

Nonetheless, providing all-inclusive health care to the patient in the healing hospital can be challenging. In the last few decades, most health care institution has been attempting to cope with the lack of enough caregiver. Compensation packages offered to the caregivers are usually inadequate. This makes it difficult to provide holistic care to patients. Therefore, the healing hospital is usually unable to meet all its service delivery targets due to lack of enough personnel (Gaut, 2005). This often happens because caregivers normally take into account on the financial gain they receive for their services. Therefore, instead of upholding the biblical teaching, people often opts to uphold monetary value of their service to humanity. Thus, healing hospital without good financial foundation is often unable to provide holistic care due to lack of caregiver’s willingness to offers their services for small monetary compensation in return. Furthermore, health care institutions operate in a complex technological set up. Therefore, a hospital often requires large financial foundation in order to switch to a more advanced and current health care delivery technologies. Hence, the healing hospital may essentially be unable to achieve balance between technology and work design, which is one of the components of the paradigm of healing hospital (Gaut, 2005).

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In conclusion, the paradigm of healing hospital provides that the physical set up surrounding the patient need to be quite and eco-friendly in order to facilitate efficient disease recovery.  However, this needs to be combined with technology and work design in order to enhance efficiency. Above all, health care providers need to adapt to the culture of radical loving care towards themselves, patient and the fellow staffs. Providing health care based on the models of healing hospital is normally very effective, not in addressing the medical needs of the patient, but also in addressing the spiritual need of the whole society (Gaut, 2005).

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