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Significance of Research
  1. In the essay that you are writing right now, what kinds of evidence have you found?

Chapter 2 of the textbook indicates that writers often prefer statistical evidence over “soft” evidence such as personal stories. In the second scenario in the chapter, a case of a child psychiatrist Andres Martin (2020) who used qualitative evidence to convince his fellow psychiatrists to see tattoos is presented (Smith, n.d). Evidently, Martin relied entirely on qualitative data, which is okay in scientific researchers, but this must have been coldly received by the targeted audience. The researcher ought to have used quantitative information such as numbers and dollars to back his claim. In my online research, the evidence that I have found to support this issue is both qualitative and quantitative in nature. The quantitative data that I have got as evidence include the fact that over 25% of adolescents and young people aged 20-39 years have their bodies tattooed and 16-65% of prisoners have tattoos that are used to identify them (Breuner, 2018; Smith, n.d). These statistics mean that tattoos can be used in the clinical setting to identify patients. Qualitative data include that tattoos can be used to identify unknown bodies, the fact that ear tattoos are used to identify livestock, and reveal information such as information about religion and political beliefs.

  1. In what way might it meet an audience's expectations?

The evidence that I have presented will be well received by the audience. As discussed above, people always believe that numbers are reliable and more persuasive. The addition of qualitative data will enable the audience to get information that cannot be described or cannot be perfectly explained using statistics.

  1. Name the audience, discuss how it may meet--or not meet--the audience's expectations, and explain why.

The most probable audience for the findings on the topic is psychiatrists and other interested healthcare professionals. I strongly believe the audience will warmly receive the findings since they are supported by statistical evidence, which many consider reliable and more persuasive. Researchers who are interested in the qualitative data will also find the same.



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