11-Day Challenge and My Transformation

Everybody changes… These are not mere words from a song, but a true statement, which can be applied to all of us. We all change whether we want it or not, and a person never remains the same. There are moments, which have such a significant impact on us that we become very different thanks to them. I can say that 11-Day Challenge was such a lifetime event for me. I spent a great time in online summer composition class, which did not only teach me how to write, but also changed my personality and attitudes toward various things in life making me a better person.

Before the challenge, I had a very limited perception of writing. I believed it to be a dull process for a certain type of people, and I did not think it was a practical thing to do. I also believed that I could not write well because I never tried it seriously and did not express any interest in it. I found writing to be something mandatory, a must I had to learn at school. Although I tried to succeed in it, I never really had the enthusiasm for this skill. As a result, I viewed writing as something I had, but did not want to know, and that view limited my learning and made me reluctant to write and try.

Nevertheless, the challenge changed me forever. Before, I was a person reluctant to type a sentence, but after the summer class, I became a person eager to express my ideas and write down thoughts about everything. Summer class showed me that writing was a great tool for memorizing and learning things because it did not only help me to become more educated, but also to remember significant things in my life.

Before summer class, I thought that writing did not carry any practical meaning. I believed that writers were individuals creating some stories which could not affect people’s lives. Nevertheless, summer challenge showed me how limited my perception was. I realized that writing revolves around many things, from practical papers to a mere art. For example, I learned that good writing is a great way to convince people. People who master words well are able to express themselves effectively and sound persuasive enough to make other people believe them. Hence, writing carries a great practical capacity for making other people see and share my vision as well as view me as a person well-aware of the subject.

Another idea that changed within me was the realization of the fact that good writing had a tremendous effect on people. We are truly moved when we read something important, valuable or touching. It means that writing has the ability to change the person from within, and I have realized it thanks to 11-Day Challenge. I can thank this experience for making me pay attention toward things I disregarded before and gaining a great deal of knowledge about writing. After all, it educated me and made me understand many more things.

I can say that at first, it was very difficult for me to learn. The initial tries in writing were complicated. Nevertheless, my first successful try motivated me greatly. I realized that I could write better, so I started practicing as much as possible. There was another success, and quickly, it became much easier for me to write. I realized that the hardest thing was to begin, and as I did, I was able to improve rather fast. Thanks to it, I comprehended that I had hidden talents for writing, which I had to develop in order to become better writer.

Writing process consisted of some pitfalls because it was not always easy for me to structure and place my words well on the paper. Sometimes, I had a difficulty expressing myself clearly, and I was not sure how to present my ideas. There were also moments when I did not know whether my writing was readable, and I felt extremely insecure about it. Nevertheless, with practice, these issues started to solve. I realized that my “lack of words” could be solved with enough devotion and education because I needed to read more in order to enlarge my vocabulary. I came to the conclusion that reading good stories by great writers would help me to be more critical and self-aware of my own writing pieces.

I would like to emphasize the fact that writing class transformed me greatly. I mean that it did not only change my attitude toward this process, but the entire perception I had about myself. I realized that there were many great things I could do. I saw that I was a talented person who could educe many concealed talents, but did not do it very often because of insecurities, the fear of failure, and peer pressure. 11-Day Challenge allowed me to see that these things were insignificant, and I had to overcome fear in order to become the best version of myself. I knew that just as I opened writing for myself, I could do the same with other great skills. Hence, I became more open and started exploring various things and talents. I understood that world is full of opportunities I had to try, and it made my life brighter.

Consequently, I can say that 11-Day Challenge helped me not only to become a better writer, but feel better about myself. I started looking at the world as a chance for me to express myself, and I used the writing capacities I developed recently in order to do it. There were many challenging tasks I performed in summer, so I realized that I could deal with any challenge as long as I was devoted to it and believed in myself.

11-Day Challenge and My Transformation


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