The long history of the mankind suggests thinking that there are much more dead people in the past than alive in the present. We have grown up hearing about great personalities, which have changed the world: Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Galileo Galilei, Napoleon and others. I refuse to believe that these people are only the names on the pages of books and have faded long ago. I refuse to believe that in the course of time I will be a dim memory in the hearts of my descendants. I see death as the continuation of my existence, but on the different level of consciousness. Death is an inevitable event in life that is why, it is not reasonable to be afraid of it. One can not be sure about the thing that is a mystery to a mind, but I trust myself to be serene when it knocks on my soul. Religion may also influence the point of view towards death. It is the concept of soul which is the key to accept the death.

Freud writes that the fear of death “controls us more frequently that we aware” (Freud, 2010). I am not afraid of my death, but the death of a family member terrifies me. My “Ego” reflects on this notion as it is easier to die in thoughts than to see a close person gone. It is the pain of loss that frightens.

Society has played a great role in dignifying death. The first tribes had their own rituals of funeral. Death is a taboo in many cultures, but it is treated with respect. People honor the dead, and sometimes it helps to embrace the concept of dying. To my mind, society’s aim is to make life more dignified, than the death. A person should do everything possible to live longer life.



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