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Same Sex Marriages

Nowadays same sex couples do not impress society anymore. These couples may not be afraid to express their feelings for sex minorities are tolerated. More and more countries nowadays adopt laws that allow same sex marriages. These include Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Uruguay and New Zealand. Such legislation can have both positive and negative results, but this essay will concentrate on the latter ones.

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There is nothing wrong when two people love each other and care about each other. There is nothing more natural than love is. This love leads two individuals to the marriage decision, and choice of having children. Nevertheless, the question is about the ability of the same sex marriages to raise a child. The first negative point is about having children. Two men or two women cannot conceive a child. For that, they can choose either to adopt a child or to buy it from the surrogate mother. Both choices imply this child will not be their own.

The other point is that a child needs family consisted of a male and a female to learn all the necessary social skills. Men and women have different emotional and social needs. Men and women respond differently to stressful situations. While men react immediately and then forget about it, women have to deal with long-lasting effects of stress. Women need their feelings to be recognized, though men strive for the recognition of their talents and achievements. Men and women treat the communication differently. Women can talk about anything for they just need to have their say, while men are interested as long as the new information is provided. Women find their identity in close relationships, and men gain it through vocations. Since a woman’s emotional identity is connected with her surrounding, she needs more time to adjust any “threatening” change. A man can assume logically the benefits of a change and get ready for it at once. However, a woman concentrates on immediate consequences of an action. For example, she needs time to overcome the initial change before grasping the advantages of it. Men incline to express their aggression through physical violence, while women are more likely to express it orally.

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With all these differences, heterosexual couple makes the perfect match. They supplement each other. Children born in such families learn the example of appropriate gender behavior. This is less possible in the same sex marriages, where a child cannot even determine who are his or her “father” and “mother”. These children have problems with gender identification. They might have problems at school where “different” youngsters are been often mocked.   Furthermore, the same sex marriages’ children will not be able to become good parents themselves. They do not have an opportunity to learn about it.

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Finally, the society that accepts same sex marriages is doomed to extinction. The increase of the same sex marriages might possibly lead to the birthrate decrease. It can only worsen the world problem of an aging society nowadays. When more and more families choose not to have children for career, and the childfree movement is spreading around the world, same sex marriages do not make it better. Unfortunately, they just make it worse. Society needs to have heterosexual marriages to develop and grow further. It has to have healthy relationships and healthy families. These are the pledge of civilization enlargement and further survival. Same sex marriages are a hindrance to that. Thus, to avoid so many problems, same sex marriages must be prohibited.

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