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Cultural Countertransference, Disabilities, Collective Trauma essay

1. Explain the concept of cultural countertransference. Discuss why this concept is important as a human service provider. Cultural countertransference is one of the most important concepts in counseling and human service, particularly in ...

Homeland Security Issues essay

The Department of Homeland Security is based on the integration of 22 different Federal agencies and departments in order to create one strong institution that will strengthen homeland security and make America better prepared as it may face many ...

Human Sexuality by Gayatri Gopinath essay

The article by Gayatri Gopinath addresses the issues that rotate around globalization, immigration, gender, culture and sexuality. The article explains how modernization has conflicted with cultural ideals where people are being immersed into ...

Pedagogy of the Oppressed essay

Paulo Freire was a renowned educationalist from Brazil most remembered for his book Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Paulo used Marxist ideologies to advocate social change. He says that the poor are dehumanized in order to follow the guidelines ...

Slavery essay

Slavery is one of the most controversial issues that existed between the North and the South of the USA. The issue of slave trade posed as the main source of rivalry between the North and South America. The South strongly supported slave trade, ...

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