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Question 1.

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Universalism consists of the philosophical, theological and religious ideas with the universal acceptability. It identifies specific doctrines that consider all people in their formation. The republic of the Chinese respects and recognizes the United Nations chapter principles and purposes that are in line with the human rights promotion and protection. There are appreciation and support to the United Nations efforts in the promotion of the universal human rights respect and the fundamental freedoms. The country actively takes part in activities of the United Nations in the human rights fields. China is at the forefront to push for the people’s rights in the second and third world countries to more development and subsistence. The measures put in place have created the conditions that are necessary for people in the world to benefit from various human rights (Svensson 37).

China does not agree with the interference of any countries. On human rights pretext, the country has put great effort to do away with several abnormal phenomena and make stronger the cooperation’s internationally in the human rights. The strong universality is in a bid to reduce the human rights to traditional ideas. Therefore, the government has put in place measures to change that universalism to sooth the diverse group of people that interact with China. Through the government measures, there is embracing of the different cultures around the globe, so as to allow for the accommodation of all people. The United Nations which are formed by the majority of the world’s countries get involved. The fact that almost all countries are members makes the resolutions more acceptable and domesticated. China is one of the key countries involved in this process. Hence nuanced universalism imposed by the republic of China is more persuasive for the realistic and accommodative nature in it.

Question 2.

The ritual view of the information does not lead to spreading the message to different areas in the world or community but toward the vindication of society in time; it is not the act of bestowing the information on other, but the act of exhibiting beliefs that are shared in the society. The main purpose in the case of transmission view of the information is to pass and extend the message from one person to another across the globe, while the original purpose of the ritual view of communication is that consecrated ceremony that pulls people in unison in commonality and fellowship. Ritual view of communication is not much concentrated on the information but on bringing up the relationships. In ritual view of communication, the greatest exhibition of communication is not the imparting of information that is intelligent. The statement implies that the unique manifestation of the ritual view of communication is the fabrication and maintenance of an organized sensible social world to be subservient to the human action.

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For instance, in a newspaper under the transmission view of communication, one will only see the paper as that media for disseminating information to the reader in the form of news or advertisements. Ritual view of communication will pay attention to various problems in a newspaper examination. It views the text and the layout of the newspaper as a view of the world how it is portrayed and confirming. There is nothing new leaned in the ritual view of communication when reading things like the newspaper. The ritual view of communication is seen as the source of the well-constructed language.

It is the primordial source of the language used in communication. It is the reason there are well articulated words with many etiquettes. Hence, the act of imparting information to people borrows greatly from the ritual view of communication. It is the presupposed because the message must first be of good morals and upholding the cultural values.

Question 3.

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The human beings interact and relate with so many different kinds of people and groups. In ones life, there are those people who are close and loosing the relationship between the two is painful. For example, we are in a relationship with a family that includes siblings and the parents, or a relationship with friends or a spouse. All these relationships are greatly affected when there is poor communication. Effective communication between people is the building block of relationships. The vigor and energy of people’s relationship get improved with communication skills that are of high quality. A number of the conflicts occurring in life arise from miscommunications (Honeycutt 29).

At times, one may be coherent and clear, as one presents words in speech or text. The intent of the information may not always be translated in information to the intended party. It is always a frustration when one does not get what he requests or asks for. When relaying information in a relationship, one should know how best the partner understands. Some are better in visuals and others are good at understanding verbal information. Once there are signs of struggle or frustration in a conversation, a communicator should suspend the communication for a while, as they reflect on their obligation in information and concept presentation. It is of great significance to be aware of the likes and dislikes of individuals before engaging in conversations. Some careless jokes may end up hurting the other party. When such jokes are repeated without realization, it is likely to affect the relationship between the two people. For example, one can be talking about ill people suffering from a particular condition, for example HIV, in the presence of a friend who is affected.

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