Community Characteristics

Description of a Community

A community may be regarded as a place where members come together with the aim of sharing their common resources and interests. The members are organized in a way that all of them make sure that each person participates in the carrying out of the set principles. It is at the community where members are able to communicate with each other, members are able to access the happenings of the society, and the members are able to sort relationships with the other members (Prasolova-Forland, 2010). Thus, the characteristics of a community are composed of the fact that one or more of the responsibilities are able to define the identity of a particular society. Additionally, the characteristics of the society include member's ownership, effective communication between the members, balancing of the community needs with the member's needs and the ability of forming clubs, teams and groups within the community. Along with that, the set goals give a sense of direction.

1. What are the boundaries when intervention on behalf of the target population will occur?

The Fremont community consists of a formal or an informal belief, behavior, expectations and values. This is the basis for the creation of a boundary in a community, with the boundary being either physical (explicit), or it is being defined in terms of characteristics of its members (implicit). In other communities, the boundary may also arise from the psychological aspect of the members. This is the reason why the members need to clearly determine what its objectives are and how will it meet the objectives. This is so since without the boundaries, the roles of the community may become meaningless (Naamanet al., 2013). These boundaries often define the institutions of the community, members, the government policy and practice, the other communities that make up the society or part of it, and the physical, virtual or psychological settings in a society. In regard to this task, the target group are homeless families within Fremont that lost their homes as a result of poverty. Thus, in this case of the boundary, the members are not organized effectively, which is an avenue that is calling the need of an intervention by the members of the neighboring communities.

2. Are the target population concentrated or scattered? What are the reasons? Is it because of geography, interest/identity, or both?

In this case, the target population is a highly concentrated population in terms of being homeless leading to them being poor. This has geographically inhibited their opportunities and mobility as the poor residents are limited by their surrounding hindering their economic potential and social cohesion (Erica, 2014). The population is also characterized by a diminished school quality with poor performances; the health care services are of poor quality; most of the persons are jobless; there is an increased violent crimes rate, and the people are living in poorly maintained housing stock, with their homes being devalued. This has led to the population being seen as if they are living at the edges of the non-governmental social organization for their needs.

3. How do jurisdictional boundaries of health and human service programs serve target population?

In order to improve the health conditions among the poor families that are living at Fremont, there is the need to establish support groups so as to assist the families work over the jurisdictional health issues. The registered nurses at the front line in offering assistance to the families about their health make these families embrace the better methods for the improvement of their health and prevention of diseases (Stephen et al.,2013). Clear information offered to the individuals helps the families in understanding the intents and limits of the online supports and the purpose to offer the health support among them. The online counseling helps in explaining to the poor families the need for improving their way of performing tasks such as ensuring that the water that they are using is treated.

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4. What are the community’s strengths? Major community issues/problems?

The Fremont community strengths involve the availability of labor wherever labor is required. The reason for this is the fact that there are many people who are jobless. The parents are also willing to have their children attend school to improve their knowledge and have a chance for a better future. On the other hand, the quality of education is sub-standard; the area is poorly located with inappropriate infrastructure limiting the social inclusion and faster economic growth. The existing public health conditions allow the spread of diseases. This has led to only few individuals who were lucky in finding jobs to perform poorly in those places.

5. Are there subgroups of the target population that are experiencing the major social problems?

There are subgroups living Fremont, which consist of homeless families that are under the major social problems such as crime, corruption and engagement in drug abuse to escape from the poverty. The call for the fight against these social problems remains unfulfilled as the anti-social programs lose hope to mobilize the population.

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6. How does target population address these social major problems?

This society is fighting the above mentioned problems by trying to empower the couples to decide and agree on the number of children that they can support. The leaders are mobilizing the government on creating of employment while the non-governmental organizations are empowering the women on the benefits of owning small businesses. Finally, the population is being imparted with knowledge concerning the environmental and social cost of overpopulation by providing the land for building semi-permanent houses for them.

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