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Discussion about Immigration

Describe the newcomers.

  1. Where are they from? (Include five major countries where immigrants come from).

People of diverse countries immigrate to the USA. The immigrant population (including legal and illegal) from South and East Asia, Caribbean, Middle East, Central and South America, and other regions has increased from 1,4 million to 41,3 million people (Zeigler and Camarota). However, five major countries that immigrants come from are Mexico, India, China, Cuba, and El Salvador. The amount of immigrants from these countries varies from 1 million to 11 million people (Zeigler and Camarota).

  1. What education or skills do they bring with them?

Obviously, not all the immigrants are highly educated. Some of them have the tertiary education, while others barely have secondary education or even less. Therefore, in the labor market these immigrants perform functions that depend on their skills. Immigrants with little schooling have poor knowledge of language, and tend to work as drivers, housekeepers, farmers, whereas educated foreign-born people have better communicative skills, and work as clerks or supervisors (Peri).

  1. Where do they reside once they are here?

There are five top states, where immigrants reside once they move in the USA. Texas, California, Florida, New York, and Illinois belong to this list. More than 8 million immigrants live in California, almost 4 million in New York, and 3 million in Texas (Zeigler and Camarota). The fundamental reasons for settling in these states are better educational opportunities, family reunification, and better life conditions.

  1. What factors or characteristics help a new group succeed?

There are two major spheres where the government implements policies aimed to support newcomers. Firstly, in order to help immigrants run their own business, there are common and targeted support programs. Furthermore, structural policies contribute to the environment that provides conditions to entrepreneurship. Both of these policies assist in the strengthening of the immigrants’ rights and opportunities to develop economically (Desiderio). Secondly, a considerable part of immigrants does not speak English fluently. Therefore, immersion programs are introduced in order to improve their knowledge.

  1. How does the nation benefit and what are the costs? Cover two major areas of advantages and disadvantages.

Immigration causes both advantages and disadvantages for the development of the country. Well-educated immigrants introduce the innovations to the technological spheres that attract more and more scientists and engineers from all over the globe. Secondly, America obtains an image of the internationally friendly country that gives immigrants an opportunity for better life. However, these pros may lead to some drawbacks. Immigrants abuse the loyalty of Americans and consume too many government resources without paying any taxes. Moreover, immigration leads to multiculturalism suppressing the national identity of the Americans.

  1. What is the U.S. policy on illegal migration?

The government of the USA uses substantial resources to control illegal immigration. Mostly, activity takes place at the borders, especially between Mexico and America. There Border Patrol agents carefully monitor the points of entry. For instance, in 2008, they made 723,000 arrests to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country (Hanson). Moreover, the government has decided to build and maintain physical barriers along the border. Along with these innovations, currently, agents have upgraded their equipment.

  1. Are there any industries in the United States that require illegal migrants? (give examples)

Undoubtedly, some American industries require illegal immigrants, because they are considered to be a cheap labor force. Immigrants tend to perform manual jobs, and, as a rule, companies pay them less than Native Americans. For example, crop agriculture industry hires workers that come from Mexico and are unauthorized. The companies of milk production also employ foreign-born people (Goodman).

  1. Are there any advantages or disadvantages to the American economy that are specific to illegal immigration?

Illegal immigration brings considerable advantages to the American economy. According to the Department of Labor, the National Milk Producers Federation, and the Department of Agriculture, the deportation of undocumented workers would cause the labor power shortage. Furthermore, the employment of immigrants assists in keeping prices rather low (Goodman).

  1. Discuss President Obama’s recent immigration policy change.

President Obama has made it possible for immigrants to gain citizenship legally. However, foreign-born people have to obey all the rules. He has also strengthened the borders to make the country safer. Obama’s policy changes are intent on helping foreign graduates. Moreover, they prohibited to hire unauthorized workers (“ComprehensiveImmigrationReform”). Therefore, these steps have improved the immigration policy.

  1. Basing on your research findings, what is your opinion about undocumented immigration?

From my point of view, the percentage of immigrants is too high, and the government should take measures to control this situation. I am convinced that Obama’s policy is a great start that gives an opportunity to foreign-born people to have a better life.



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