Homeland Security Issues

The Department of Homeland Security is based on the integration of 22 different Federal agencies and departments in order to create one strong institution that will strengthen homeland security and make America better prepared as it may face many threats in the future (U.S. Department of Homeland Security, n.d.). Thus, culture and other disputes might have an impact on the international politics. Thereafter, the objective of the following paper is to discuss the mentioned influences and to speak about the Islamic-Fascism as the phenomena in a modern society.

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The impact that culture has on a modern international relation is huge, as each of those have a different values that form the basis, on which people see the world. Culture has an important role in providing the economic, ethical, and spiritual conditions of human life. Thereafter, culture affects the achievement of the state based on the broad impact on the way people act. It is responsible for the achievements of the nation in general and its economic conditions and international politics is a part of the mentioned economy, which is why culture has one of the dominant roles. Moreover, it acts as a navigating system in the decision-making process. Specific leaders are influenced by the specific culture of their states, and the established experience has significant impact on people’s wishes, habits, and interests. If the cultural differences are not taken into consideration, this leads to errors in assessments, misunderstandings, and conflicts. Culture designs economic and social structures. As nations differ in social credit, culture is a trigger that has significant influence on the international politics. However, the cultural complementarities and commonalities can serve as a vital base for harmony and peace in international politics. It is so because then nations try to work in a competitive way and want to improve if they see improvements of certain nations based on cultural perception of the world. As the globalization comes into stronger positions each day, “the role of culture in international relations has been growing” (Majie, 2002.).

It is clear that culture has a strong impact on the international relations. Unfortunately, the tragic events of September 11, 2001 and other terrorist attacks performed by the adherents of Islam, have led to an aggressive policy of the USA against the leaders of these country, which is a normal reaction. Thereafter, during his presidency, George W. Bush and his neoconservative handlers have introduced the concept of Islamic fascism that served as a reference of leaders and radical movements of the Muslim world. Thus, the council that was responsible for American-Islamic relations  reacted to that quickly and mentioned that the head of the country at that time was “equat[ing] the religion of peace with the ugliness of fascism” (Furnish, 2005). The term is certainly offensive but also ironic, as it is not good in terms of international stability and understanding.

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Fascism is a concept that is based on a certain historical and social phenomena or developments. It arises from the consequences of the advanced industrialized economy and is bounded with the historical conditions and functioning environment. This type of ideology is about extreme level of racialism or nationalism, selecting collective attitude over the individuals, strong opposition, and certain socioeconomic regimentation.

The ideology of Islamic terrorists has certain dimensions that are about victimizing Christianity and the West, prioritizing Islamic society over others, recreating Islamic community so that it will conquer the entire planet. Unfortunately, such ideas have much in common with ‘the victimization’ and the Islamic pillar of the caliphate has a dictatorial aspect. Moreover, Islamic politics has never shown much signs of tolerance. However, despite the mentioned similarities with fascism, the concept of Islamic fascism is not fully correct to be adopted to Islamic society. This is also important to mention that Islamic fascism is not about racial purity as it was with Hitler, but it has a religious perspective. The term actually must be avoided, not because Islam is about a pure and peaceful ideology, but because it is a way to let Islam of the hook. Thereafter, the development f this concept took place during the administration of George W. Bush and correct in a certain way, but still it is not appropriate to draw a clear line between fascism and Islamic political and religious ideas (Furnish, 2005).

Islamic fascism has a very strong ideology that acts itself as a center of gravity. The proof of that can be found in Qutbism, a collection of Islamic thought presented by such strong leaders as Hassan al Banna, Sayyid Qutb, and others. The Qutbism depicts the collective thoughts and orientations of Islam that eventually form the goals and methodologies. It includes justification for violent outbursts and terrorism. Moreover, it is about how Osama Bin Laden and other terrorists have turned to the principles of Qutbism in order to put the ideas of Islamic fascism into an action plan on a global level. According to the Eikmeier, people must see the real threat as understanding of this concept “is the most direct course to the defeat of the Islamic-Fascist movement’s center of gravity and victory in the War on Terrorism” (Eikmeier, 2007).

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The Islamic-Fascism movement is based on the five “lines of operations” that are the major pillars of the Qutbism and are about the messages and messengers, the ideologies that support institutions and counter-ideology. It is also about non-Muslim and Muslim worlds and how the latter must be protected in order to expand all over the world (Eikmeier, 2007).

In conclusion, it is important to mention that unfortunately, cultural origin plays a very important role on how the international relations would evolve. The term Islamic fascism was coined by George W. Bush and turned out to be a painful truth of what has happened during attack on September 11, 2011. Thus, it is very important to “Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril” (Tzu, 1963). People, who had committed the terrorist act, were not deprived of the future, but instead, they have chosen to do what they did and this is because they saw the ideology as a center of gravity. Islamic fascism has a strong foundation, and presence of strong leaders makes it even more dangerous, but it still is capable of functioning without latter mentioned. Thus, the concept of Islamic fascism still causes many controversies in the society regardless of whether this is the correct term to be used.

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