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Online Journalism

Online journalism is a modern type of journalism where editorial content is spread through the Internet. Web journalism is not the same as spreading information through broadcasting or printed materials. The sharing of information through online journalism can be done by videos, texts, and audio. The increasing use of technology and computer networking, as well as the lower costs incurred has contributed to the spreading of online journalism. It has led to the widespread of information which was somehow hindered by the traditional form of media like magazines, television and radio.

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There are many factors to be put into consideration when writing for the web. The content to be passed to the readers must be brief, because reading information on a computer is a bit slower as compared to reading on paper. Therefore, the content found on the web should be shorter than that in the magazines. Also, the sentences are supposed to be short, and each idea has to be clearly explained in a separate paragraph. If the article written is long, it should not be squeezed in one web page, or it can be broken up into a number of pages, which should be clearly shown by a link at the bottom of the page.

The key words that are used to highlight the important information should be written in bold. However, it should be taken into consideration that only the important words have to be highlighted to stand out. Number lists and bullets can be used in highlighting. Subheads can also be employed as a form of noting the key words, and the subheads must be very clear.

The main points of the article are supposed to be summarized in the first paragraph. Therefore, the crucial information should be given a priority, and the less important facts should then follow. Moreover, hyperlinks can be used when necessary to enable surfers to go to other web pages that might be connected with your article. Thus, online journalism stands out to be used by many people because it is cheaper, and information reaches many people faster.

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Use of Sound for the News by Journalists

A sound bite for the news is when journalists use music and sound to incarcerate the real meaning of what the person was saying, which therefore improves the content and attracts the reader. Sound bites can be inserted into the broadcasted news.

For example, in the radio shows, which is one of the form of broadcast, people tune in to hear the interesting information, and also to listen to the music. In addition, the stories told by the radio presenters include sounds that are recorded previously about certain events and the hosts, which help in enticing the listeners to hear the message.

Television as another medium for journalists is subjugated by good-looking visuals that are accompanied by short sound bites, which also involve changing of the camera from different angles. The sounds can also be inclusive of the way the news presenters are shown seated at a desk in the studio. They read stories from a teleprompter and breaking news after the sound bite set the mood.

When reporters collect information, they use video editing in preparation of the stories for air. Reporters mostly are accompanied by videographers when they go to the scenes to gather information. There is a person who is in management of the light and the audio as he is in control of the camera.

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Natural sounds like a crowd that is cheering, birds that are singing, interviews with eye witnesses, statements from public officials, planes that are landing and comments from experts can be recorded beforehand, so that they can be in a position to capture the taste of the news scene.

Journalists also use videos that are edited in the television to air news. It includes a story that comprises of the information, the video effects, the audio and even the use of graphics. All the elements are used for summarizing the information of the speaker and for an aim of attracting whoever views or listens to the information.

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