Academic studies comprise a host of activities. Class lectures and discussions require attendance, paying attention, and taking good notes; readings from texts and other outside sources are demanded throughout the semester; time must be allotted to study for exams; and, of course, there is a rather constant parade of writing assignments – essays and papers with specific requirements and due dates that are pretty rigid. Writing research papers and essays can actually consume days and weeks on end, and it is the one area of academic work for which a student can secure outside assistance, such as that provided by the online custom essay writing company,

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Students who visit our site and read about all that we offer naturally have questions. Many of them, in fact, have never used a writing service before, and they are a bit anxious about the entire process, not to mention the final product that they will receive. We have compiled a short synopsis of the typical discussions that occur when a student first contacts us to ask about our custom writing paper services.

Typical Opening Statement: “Well, I have been on your site and read what you have to say. So, if I have you write my papers, how do I know I am not just going to get junk that you are selling a bunch of times?”

Our Response: “We understand your concern. Most writing websites will do just that – offer you a cheap paper price and sell you something that’s been around a long time. We guarantee that your paper will be created by a qualified writer, and we actually run it through plagiarism-detection software before you get it. To pass that software scan, it cannot have been anywhere else on the web, not even in a database we might have.”

Typical Question: “I need people to write my papers at the college level. Do you have qualified writers for this kind of research and writing?”

Our Response: “We have writers with Master’s and Ph.D. degrees who do all of our college level research and writing. We even have consultants who work with graduate students on their theses and dissertations. We can easily find a field specialist for any topic you need.”

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Typical Question: “If I ask you to write a paper for me, do you guarantee a good grade on it?”

Our Response: “We have experts with years of experience in essay and paper writing. They understand the standards for research and writing at all levels, and always meet or exceed them. We don’t allow anything to leave our company without a full review and confirmation that it is flawless. You will definitely get a superior grade.”

Typical Question: “So, how much say will I have in all of this?”

Our Response: “As much as you want. When you fill out an order for us to write a paper, you can give us any specific instructions you want. Then, as your writer is working on it, you can speak directly with him/her at any time. You can upload more information or ask to see what s/he has done so far. In the end, when you get your final draft, you can ask for any re-writes you want.”

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Typical Question: “Well, can you write my paper for cheap?”

Our Response: “You will buy essays and papers from us that will never be as cheap as the fraudulent companies that will scam you with plagiarized writing. However, we are one of the most affordable services among those few that have credentialed writers who only produce original academic writing for students. We will give you an up-front price; it will be reasonable, and it will be never changed.

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You may have many other questions and concerns, and we want to address them all. Feel free to contact us 24/7! In the meantime, let us assure you that we have been in the writing service business for over a decade. We have developed a profoundly expert staff of professional writers and researchers. No topic or research paper/project is ever too complex or challenging for us; likewise, no topic or essay/paper is ever too simple or small for us. All writing is guaranteed original and prepared according to your instructions.


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