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Strategic budgetary strategies are necessary for the sustainable development of organizations and institutions in various social spheres. This paper presents the summary of the discussion between the host and Albert R. Mendoza, Jr. regarding budgetary strategies, their importance, and the optimal approaches one should follow in this context. The speakers discuss the reasons of the growing budgetary costs and their impact on long-term projects. They also examine the operational options available for meeting budgetary needs. The analysis of strategic budgetary strategies allows to better comprehend the essence of capital procurement.

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At the beginning of the podcast, the host states that the area of that week’s discussion includes both strategic budgetary strategies and capital procurement. As these two topics are inter-related, the speakers discuss both of them in a complex and in-depth manner. The host asks Albert R. Mendoza, Jr. how strategic planning impacts the major aspects of capital procurement. Albert R. Mendoza, Jr. first specifies the key terms. He explains that the discussion of large-scale capital projects, sheriff’s departments, police stations, and even jails represent different types of communication nets. These nets enable the cooperation between various individuals in a socially beneficial manner. Albert R. Mendoza, Jr. stresses that nowadays it is impossible to be successful in any sphere if one does not examine at least five years of strategic planning. It is crucial to participate in strategic planning because expenditures tend to increase rapidly.

People need to participate in strategic planning even at the beginning of their projects in order to allocate the existing scarce resources rationally. Albert R. Mendoza, Jr. explains that the costs of production tend to increase under the influence of inflation. Therefore, it is necessary to consider all types of factors that may affect the project in the long run. If one does not address these issues properly, the costs will increase much more rapidly than one may expect. As a result, the overall project will be non-profitable and unsuccessful. In the course of such events, organizations, state, and the federal government may experience long-term consequences. Albert R. Mendoza, Jr. says that the current state of federal budgets and numerous law enforcement agencies, as well as the Department of Homeland Security, supports his claim.

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Further, the host asks about the ways of identifying the operational options relevant in the context of addressing budgetary needs. Albert R. Mendoza, Jr. explains that counties in California are not responsible for law enforcement functions in the courts (Host & Mendoza, Jr., 2015). This is because all courts and counties in California operate on the basis of their independent funding. Albert R. Mendoza, Jr. uses the analogy with contract cities when discussing the current functioning of California courts. He describes various options available for addressing the existing state of affairs. The first one is contracting for sheriff’s deputies. However, authorities do not always use this option. The second available option is to implement private security and to act as bailiffs. Both options have their strengths and weaknesses. Federal courts and the federal government rely on these options while hiring retired police officers and increasing their qualification in the federal police academy in Glencoe, Georgia (Host & Mendoza, Jr., 2015). They usually spend two weeks in the academy and then go to courts to reduce the costs to the acceptable level.

Albert R. Mendoza, Jr. elaborates on the deputization of officers under the existing marshal’s office. He states that California may use the option of taking into account this scenario when hiring sheriff’s deputies. The expert explains that such an option requires more resources and may threaten financial stability. Therefore, they often prefer the deputies serving as bailiffs as they possess arrest powers, and it corresponds to judges’ interests. It is also reasonable to delegate non-essential functions to private security. For example, private security is responsible for providing surveillance cameras and intricate control points. If to follow such a scenario, it is possible to minimize the average costs.

Albert R. Mendoza, Jr. stresses that it is crucial to examine all options available for reducing the costs to the acceptable level without affecting the quality of the provided services. He also emphasizes that the current scarcity of resources tends to increase (Host & Mendoza, Jr., 2015). Therefore, it is important to use all resources rationally and avoid unnecessary expenditures in all spheres. At the end of the podcast, the host stresses the need for examining the abovementioned concepts, reading materials, and completing assignments. A successful participation in class discussions also requires relying on the above concepts and understanding their applications. Lastly, the host states that one should follow-up with his/her instructor if any questions arise or in order to receive any clarifications.

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In conclusion, this week’s podcast demonstrates the significance of rational strategic budgetary planning. It is necessary to consider all available opportunities for reducing costs to the minimum possible level. At the same time, the quality of services should remain high. One of the major means of achieving this objective is delegating some functions to private security. Thus, government agencies should not try to provide absolutely all functions. They should compare the costs of providing specific services with those of private companies. If private companies offer lower prices, then it is reasonable to use their services. It is necessary to organize long-term budgetary planning and evaluate a variety of important factors, including inflation. If any of the key factors changes, it is reasonable to adjust the budgetary plan accordingly. Thus, one can develop the optimal budgetary strategy under the existing financial restraints.

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