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In the process of writing a dissertation discussion chapter, the writer has to deal with all previously provided information. This chapter is a sort of culmination of your dissertation, as it has to interpret and explain all the information presented in the “Results” section. You have to refer to the tables and data previously used, as well as answer your research question. Considering the complexity of the task, many students fail to complete it properly. As a result, many of them start looking for a dissertation discussion service they could use to get the task done. Our website is one of such companies with the only difference: our custom dissertation discussion chapter writing services are of high quality which you can afford! Our experts will help you complete the most difficult section of your dissertation easily.

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Specifics of Writing a Discussion Section: Purpose and Structure

As it has already been stated in the first paragraph, the primary goal of a dissertation discussion chapter is to evaluate the obtained research results and highlight their role in answering the research question or proving the formulated hypothesis. When writing a discussion section, it is also necessary to provide justifications for using a specific theoretical approach and show how it pertains to the literature review. While constructing your argument, it is required to decipher the meaning of the key findings, explain why they count, what important data they can reveal, and what approaches or research methodology should be used for conducting further studies.

One shouldn’t forget that this chapter is closely connected with an introductory one since it relates to the posed research question or hypothesis and the literature you’ve examined. However, when writing a discussion chapter, you can’t simply repeat the statements made in the first unit. You are to clearly state how your scientific investigation helps readers understand the matter in question.

The structure of this unit may vary depending on the research area which your academic work relates to. However, usually, it consists of the following structural elements:

  • Overview of the key findings
  • Interpretation of the research results
  • Limitations and weak aspects of the research
  • Principal practical implications
  • Suggestions for future investigation

An essential thing to consider is that the discussion and concluding sections often overlaps. So, depending on your educational establishment, you may need to combine these chapters into one. Sometime, even the Results section can combined with the dissertation discussion chapter. So, make sure you properly understand what is expected from you.

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Clear Instructions about How to Write a Dissertation Discussion Chapter

Before completing a dissertation discussion assignment, each writer should keep in mind that it is not necessary to provide tons of information in this chapter, as it may confuse readers. The section has to be relatively short but very specific and precise. To know what order to describe each structural element in, consider the following writing guidelines.



Overview of the Key Findings

Reiterate the formulated research problem and briefly sum up your key findings. Remember not to repeat the already provided data but to clearly present the research results that provide an answer to the core question. This part shouldn’t be longer than one paragraph.

You may use the following phrases in this part:

  • According to the provided data…
  • The received research findings state that…
  • The investigation demonstrates that…
  • The analysis shows that…

Interpretation of the research results

You are to explain readers why the results which you’ve achieved in the course of your study are important for answering the research question.

You may interpret the results in different ways. To make the process easier for you, take a look at the points listed below:

  • Determine the type of relationship between the received data;
  • Find out whether the obtained information supports your hypothesis;
  • Show the connection between previous studies on your topic;
  • Highlight unexpected data and assess their significance for your investigation.

Limitations and Weak Aspects of the Research

Any research survey has its limitations. Your task is to show those of yours. The limitations may occur to the used research methodology, design, or any other aspects. You need to state whether they influenced the process of achieving the established research goals and how. After presenting the limitations, explain why the obtained data is reliable and address the main problem.

You may use the following phrases when describing the limitations:

  • Due to the limited generalization, the results can’t prove …
  • The validity of data is influenced by…
  • The choice of the research methodology was restricted by…
  • The obtained results were limited by…

Principal Practical Implications

Explain what principal implications your study will have for other academicians. Tell readers about the novelty brought by your research data to a specific field of study and explain what impact hey have on current theoretical framework.

In this part, it is recommended to pose the following queries:

  • Do your results fit in previously conducted studies?
  • Do they obtained findings differ from other investigations?
  • Does the received information proves or disproves the theory?
  • Does your study have any principal implications to apply in practice?

Suggestions for Future Investigation

Based on the interpretation of your results, you may provide some recommendations for further studies. Note that your suggestions may be presented in the concluding section. Make sure your recommendations are clear statements and not some generalizations.

To introduce your recommendations, you may use such phrases as:

  • Further investigation should consider…
  • Further study may be conducted to…

This algorithm as to how to write a dissertation discussion chapter should give you both a proper understanding of the amount of work required and a complete picture of how this part should look like. Do you think that writing a discussion is too much for you? Do you believe that these writing guidelines are not enough for you to cope with your assignment? Do not panic! We have some more useful tips for you. As an option, we also offer you to use our dissertation discussion writing service. This is a much better option that struggling with your assignment on your own.

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Effective 7 Hints on How to Write a Discussion Section

Here are basic tips on how to write a discussion chapter in 7 steps:

  1. Try to build your dissertation discussion chapter from the most specific information to more general one. In other words, you should concentrate on the narrow aspects of the study first and then go down to the general framework.
  2. Try to keep the same tone as it was in the introductory part of the paper.
  3. Come back to the research questions and hypothesis at the beginning of the chapter and restate them. Provide answers to the research questions.
  4. Provide information on how the results of your research fit into the general study.
  5. Ensure that you can defend your position. It can be done by justifying the validity of the data obtained and explanation why other answers are not correct or incomplete.
  6. Address and discuss any unexpected findings.
  7. Outline the conflict data. Make sure you explain and discuss all the conflicting results.

These writing guidelines or steps will help you apply the right tone to your paper and make it valid and clear. If it challenging for you to talk about the obtained findings in terms of the research methodology, highlight principal implications, or connect your research questions with the results, use our quality dissertation discussion service. With us, writing a discussion chapter of superior quality won’t be a problem!

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