Self Assessment – Reflection Paper

Self-Assessment Quiz

My total score, in the self assessment quiz, turned out to be 68 out of 100. The top 5 nourishing behaviors which I recognize in myself are: Communicating openly and honestly, praising the successes of others, keeping the confidences, suggesting, advising, negotiating, cooperating and compromising. I think interacting with other individuals, admiring their strengths and gaining their trust and confidence is the most important step an effective leader can take. People only believe in those leaders who are ready to compromise and discuss out possibilities at every level. On the other hand, my top 5 toxic behaviors are: Breaking promises & agreements, joking inappropriately, interrupting others frequently, complaining, “dumping your bucket”, and seeking approval excessively; these are the characteristics that have had a negative impact on my leadership conduct. A leader should have the charisma of a role-model and should not complain to others, break promises or interrupt unnecessarily.

Open to Feedback

I consider honest feedback and evaluation as an important and constructive tool for becoming a successful leader. The leader is mainly responsible for making sure that people under him are contented and motivated to work harder. Without advice and criticisms, a leader can never know where he is going wrong or in what ways he is not coming up to the expectations of those under him. To become an effective role-model, a leader should be not only comfortable with self-assessment and its results, but should also make a considerable effort to work in those areas where he lacks efficiency. One of the theories mentioned in the studies of Organizational Behavior is that of 360-degree feedback. It indicates that improved group rating of the leader not only progresses his performance, but also increases the group’s satisfaction, commitment, as well as loyalty towards the leader (Atwater & Brett, 2006).

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Social Intelligence

This article describes Social Intelligence as the actions and ability of individuals to interact with others and make an effort to cooperate and get along with them (Joseph & Lakshmi, 2010). There are three levels of personalities that can impact social intelligence. Firstly, thinking level can improve a person’s confidence and reasoning skills and can make him understand the behavior of other people better. Secondly, feeling level can promote social intelligence by managing and controlling one’s own behavior and also becoming conscious of the behavior of those around them. Thirdly, behavioral level can develop SI by promoting interpersonal, communication and compromising skills of an individual (Joseph & Lakshmi, 2010). I think the feeling level is most difficult to change, since feelings are an intimate aspect of an individual and can sometimes be a very sensitive topic for people to understand and react to.

Goal # 1

The first goal that is related to my professional presence in this class is that I will complete all work on time, and this includes all the in-class assignments as well as homework assignments. Being punctual in doing the work assigned to me will not only make me more productive and up to date, but also instill in me a sense of responsibility and importance for studies. I will achieve it by setting a timetable every day or at the start of every week. I will divide time between school life as well as other activities, so that a balance is created. I will penalize myself if I fail to follow the timetable and will not allow flexibilities. My family, friends and instructors can equally help me in achieving my goal by praising me when I achieve my targets. Praising stimulates students to achieve higher developmental goals and give them more direction and encouragement. Whereas, reprimanding me on my lax behavior can also be used to motivate and support me to change myself (Blanchard, Zigarmi, & Zigarmi, 1985).

Goal # 2

A goal should be personalized as well as practical, but sometimes it can be ambiguous and can take time to achieve its purpose. Also goals should be SMART that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic / relevant and timed (Bovend’Eerdt, Botell, & Wade, 2009). My goal in class is to be more interactive and participative during class activities with the students as well instructors.  I will achieve this goal by using the SMART formula, provided by specific goal construction, defining the time required to achieve it and also setting a goal attainment scale (Bovend’Eerdt, Botell, & Wade, 2009). Friends and family can help me by supporting and encouraging me whenever I speak up in activities. They can also give me an honest feedback and evaluation on my listening and attention skills in class so that I can work better on them.

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Neuroscience of Social Intelligence in Leaders

This article talks about the functions that mirror neurons play in the brain when an individual interacts with others and how a sense of collective experience is created (Goleman & Boyatzis, 2009). To be an effective leader, one should activate positive neurons in others during interaction. I always exhibit a friendly and understanding attitude which fosters a positive mood in many people.  As the article mentions that delivery is more powerful than the message itself, my behavior is not only demanding, but also creates a compromising vibe amongst people (Goleman & Boyatzis, 2009). I can be more intentional and conscious in my behavior by thinking twice before releasing a negative neuron in someone, as it can trigger a bitter feeling and can negatively affect someone’s creativity and intelligence.

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